5 Proven Ways to Succeed with Online Dating

Find a potential partner online can be a daunting process. Dating sites these days are a minefield, but what most people do not know is how to date online. Yes, there is a how! Too many dating sites or app users are making the same mistakes over and over again. Hopefully, this article will spare you some of the dating mistakes people make. Here, we’ve put together 5 proven ways for men and women to succeed with online dating.


1. Choose the right dating site for you

Choosing the right dating site can be time and research if you want to find the right connection. Are you looking for a relationship, casual dating, or marriage? It is a no-brainer that the dating site you choose must have a pool of your potential dates. Also, check the privacy policy of the website before signing up, and make sure it guarantees complete privacy of your photos and messages. If you are keen on meeting someone within your city, then consider dating sites such as Strathclyde Dating that helps you find love locally.

2. Create an eye-catchy profile

Firstly, your profile photo is what makes the difference. This is the first thing a potential date will see and will determine if they click your profile to learn more about you, especially in the swipe culture. Your interests and other information are secondary. Use your best, but not heavily filtered photo or cheesy topless shots as your profile photo. Keep it classy! Fill the bio questions and make sure your profile highlights your positive qualities. Most websites such as Strathclyde Dating Site offer online personality tests and intelligent matchmaking, take advantage of these!

3. Make a great impression with your first message

In the online dating world, the first message can be a deal-breaker! Wondering why a potential date winked back but never responded to your first message? This is a common mistake most people make. Let admit it! It can be quite difficult to craft a creative and engaging message that leaves an impression on the recipient. But it has to be done, as it is what sets up apart from the crowd. Send a message that’s flirty yet appropriate, funny but not lame, and compliments work great. Avoid copying and pasting, and stay away from long paragraphs as these can be a huge turn-off.


Succeed with Online Dating


4. Take your time!

Good things take time! Do not be disheartened or discouraged after a few tries. Doing everything right doesn’t always mean you’ll find the right person straight away. Take your time to converse, build a rapport and learn about a potential partner. Exchange several messages and video calls, and really get to know one another before meeting in real life.

5. First date dos and don’ts

  • Meet in a public place: Regardless of how long you’ve been talking to them online, always meet in a public setting, such as a restaurant, park, cinema, etc. Avoid doing to their house on the first date and for safety purposes, make sure you let someone know where you’ll be going and how long you’ll be there.
  • Wear comfortable clothing: I know it’s cliche, but you feel good when you look good! Remember, if you feel comfortable in yourself, then you will most likely feel comfortable in someone else’s company. Put in the effort and look your best but don’t go overboard with it – keep in mind that your date wants to meet the real you.
  • Avoid oversharing: This is a common mistake most people make. It is okay, to be a bit vulnerable, but avoid offloading all your emotional baggage. Keep in mind that this is a date and not a therapy session, so do not bring your baggage to the table on the first date.
  • Keep your expectations realistic. The first date can little awkward, and that’s normal. You might feel a bit nervous, your date probably does as well. It probably best to not get all hopes up and start following a bunch of wedding pages on Instagram accounts as soon as getting back from your date either. 



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