5 Reasons Air Conditioner Maintenance is Important

Maintenance and upkeep are integral aspects of homeownership. However, some tasks tend to get put on the back burner for lack of time or budget. While prioritizing tasks is to be expected, neglecting things entirely can lead to serious problems.

One of the maintenance tasks that often gets overlooked is air conditioner upkeep. Here are five reasons why you should schedule an annual air conditioner maintenance visit.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Unit

One of the primary reasons for adding air conditioning maintenance to your home improvement list is to extend the lifespan of your unit. Over the years, your air conditioner will naturally accumulate dirt and grime, connections and wires will loosen, and your air conditioner will become less efficient. If those issues go uncorrected, the minor issues could become major.

As an AC replacement is a significant investment, it’s best to keep your unit operational for as long as possible. Additionally, scheduling annual maintenance will help you build a relationship with a trusted air conditioning service provider who will help you find the perfect replacement unit when the time comes.


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Keep Operational Costs Low

According to Littleton AC Repair Services | Southwest Heating and Cooling, as your AC unit starts to degrade, it will run less efficiently. In other words, it will work harder to accomplish the same output or less. This drain on the unit will also drain your electricity, which could potentially drive up your costs.

Take the time to compare your seasonal costs from one year to the next. If you notice a significant spike in your bill and consumption rates, it indicates that it’s time for a service call. Scheduling preventative maintenance will help keep utility and repair costs low by ensuring your unit is running at an optimal level.

Limits Downtime

The second worst time to discover that your air conditioner doesn’t work is the first hot day of the season. The worst time is when it dies on the hottest day of the year. Scheduling air conditioning maintenance will help limit downtime and keep your AC running all summer long.

Ideally, you should schedule your AC repairs and maintenance during the late winter or early spring. This allows you to get ahead of the hot season and the last-minute rush for repairs.


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Improves Sustainability

Beyond the personal and budgetary benefits of keeping your AC unit maintained, regular maintenance also helps minimize your consumption. As a result, you’ll be putting less pressure on the environment by taking a sustainable approach to cooling your home.

Fortunately, there are other things you can do to help limit the pressure on your air conditioning unit with an eco-friendly approach. Draw the curtains during the hotter days of the year to block the sun and consider planting a shade tree near the external unit to keep it cool. Use a few fans to circulate the air, turning ceiling fans to a counterclockwise position to create an updraft.

Improves Air Quality

Air quality has been on everyone’s minds over the past couple of years. One of the simplest aspects of AC maintenance is cleaning or replacing the filters. This task will help improve your air quality to keep your home cool, calm, and healthy.

If you haven’t already added AC repair and maintenance to your to-do list, it’s time to prioritize this essential home improvement task.

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