5 Reasons to Live in Italy

Are you considering moving to Europe and living somewhere like France or UK? But the high costs and expenses put a halt to all the dreamy thoughts. Well, have you ever thought about living in Italy?

Who isn’t aware of the charisma and charm of Italy? The place is a vision by all means! But, does a captivating place to see and visit also necessarily make a good place to live? And why not other European counties like France or Spain? You are about to find out!



1- Quality Living at Lower Cost

The first and foremost question that comes to mind about moving to a new country is the cost of living. And no doubt, it is the most crucial factor to keep in mind. Fortunately, this factor is taken care of in Italy.

The cost of living in Italy is surprisingly low, much lower than in other countries that offer similar quality of life. Like the UK, Italy is about 24% cheaper than the UK. You will find lower costs in terms of transportation, dining, accommodation, and entertainment.

This is particularly astonishing if you consider other big cities or tourist-attracting countries, those are pretty expensive to live, but not Italy. The rates drop even further if you choose to reside in the countryside or a small town or village. So, for those of you who are looking for an affordable place to make the most of your hard-earned money, Italy is the place to go.


5 Reasons to Live in Italy


2- Affordable Housing

Housing is also significantly affordable in Italy, and did we mention how gorgeous those houses are! Houses, apartments, and villas, you name it, all the properties are beautiful and reasonably priced as well.

Especially if you look for residence in the countryside or rural areas, you will find all types of Italian property for sale at even lower prices. This is contrary to the similar locations in other European countries, like the UK. Residence in the countryside in these countries is, even more, costlier than in cities.

The drive to other towns, airports, and other important places is only a few minutes long. So, do go for a home in the Italian countryside if you are a sucker for scenic natural locations and sunny beaches.

Besides that, there aren’t just homes and apartments; you can choose from resorts, villas with large gardens, and residences in iconic cities as well.

3- Beautiful Climate

What more does Italy have to offer, you ask? How about beautiful weather all year long! You will not find a climate as in Italy anywhere in Europe. You will see hot and sunny summers as well as chilling winters in the country.

The climate is Mediterranean and stays mild for most of the year. It also varies from place to place, though. The south sees the most scorching summers while the north gets filled with snow and gets chilling winters.

Every season comes with its beauty and bliss. You will find the country beautiful in all the seasons. While the summers are good for agriculture and offer beautiful fields and flora, the snow-capped mountains and autumn leaves have their charm. Now isn’t that a vacation-worthy climate?


5 Reasons to Live in Italy


4- Quality Education

If you have children or are a student yourself, education must be among your top priorities before you decide to make a move. In Italy, you are all sorted out for that as well! You will get some prestigious options to choose from for your higher studies in Italy.

The quality of education in Italy is excellent. It has got globally esteemed and top-ranked universities. Some of those are especially welcoming towards international students. We know what got you thinking, crazy tuition fees and expenses, right? Well, from sorted out, we meant budget-wise as well!

The tuition fees of the universities in Italy are surprisingly low, especially if compared to the other top-ranked universities in the World. The education is incredibly affordable, so you don’t have to break a bank to get a quality education in Italy.

5- Nature

Whether you are a nature lover through and through or just looking to live your post-retirement life close to the peace and calm of nature, you will never think of moving out of Italy ever! The diversity and beauty of nature in Italy keep one stunned.

The landscape in Italy is truly marvelous. From enormous mountains and islands to the waterfalls and lakes, everything is captivating. The country is also home to volcanos. There is so much to see and do, like skiing, hiking, sightseeing, or sunbathing.

If you choose to live in the countryside of Italy, the charming landscapes along with a fresh and healthy lifestyle are going to make your experience heavenly!


5 Reasons to Live in Italy



Are You Convinced Yet?

If this is not the quality of life that gets you convinced to move to Italy, we don’t know what will. These are the top 5 of the many reasons to live in Italy. You are going to experience and witness much more once you start living in the country. All in all, you are never going to regret it!

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