5 Safety Tips for Using a Fire Extinguisher

If you’re looking for safety tips when using a fire extinguisher, this ultimate guide will help. Some of the best include placing your extinguisher in an easy-to-reach location, regularly performing pressure checks, and making sure parts are not damaged. Keep reading to learn more information.


1.   Easy Access

Having your fire extinguisher in an easy-to-reach spot is a good safety tip. In case of a fire, you and anyone in the vicinity would easily be able to get to it. Make sure that you don’t move the fire extinguisher around, either. You might forget where you’ve placed it, which could end badly.

In our opinion, having the extinguisher as close to the to exit is the best. You would be able to make an easy escape.

2.   Watch Pressure

In case you have not noticed, there is a pressure gauge on your fire extinguisher. Pay attention to it, and change it to the recommended amount. If the pressure is too high, you risk CO2 leaking, or even your extinguisher exploding.

On the flip side, an extinguisher with very low pressure is dangerous. It might not be able to let out enough CO2 to put out fires.

You don’t have to pressure check your fire suppressors often. At least twice a year is enough.

3.   No Broken Parts

Not only should you regularly check your extinguisher’s pressure, but also check whether its parts are working regularly. You might end up in a situation where you can’t put out flames, as your hose or nozzle are broken.


5 Safety Tips for Using a Fire Extinguisher


4.   Testing Laboratory

Make sure you’ve bought an extinguisher that has been tested by independent laborites. You won’t have to worry about not being able to put out a fire. If the device has been tested by independent laboratories, there will be a special label on its exterior.

If you don’t see one, check the extinguisher model online. There is a chance that you scratched this label off. If you’ve checked online and don’t see any signs of independent testing, it might be time to swap your fire suppressor for counterparts that are.

In our opinion, the Novec 1230 fire protection extinguisher is a good choice. However, several other models in the Novec brand also have been thoroughly lab tested too.

5.   Clean Your Extinguisher

Clean your fire extinguisher at least once or twice a month. There may be a lot of grease on it that will make it hard to hold, otherwise. Use a microfiber cloth for the best results.


Final Thoughts

When it comes to all of the points, we looked at what do you think? There are several safety tips to keep in mind when owning a fire extinguisher. From the lot, the most important would be to make sure that you pressure check your fire extinguisher and to make sure there is no grease or muck on it. Holding it would be difficult, otherwise.

Hopefully, you found everything mentioned here useful.


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