5 Signs of an Ant Infestation

Ants prefer to build their nests in areas close to food, water, and protection, which makes your home the perfect target.

An ant here or there shouldn’t be a cause for concern, but the more ants crawling around your home in different shapes, sizes, and colors could be the beginning of disaster. Acting fast is one of the best ways to stop ants in their tracks, but if you don’t know the signs you may be too late.

Keep reading this guide to solving an ant infestation by recognizing five telltale signs you may have ants in your home.


1. Sawdust Trails

Carpenter ants love wood. If you have an ant infestation of carpenters, they’ll leave behind an obvious sign of sawdust in, around, or outside of your home.

Pay attention to wooden beams, furniture, flooring, and other wooden items. Some types of ants will burrow into wood and might require the assistance of an expert.

Contacting an expert at websites like greenpestservices.net can provide some peace of mind.

2. Size or Number of Ants

A big ant is a healthy ant. This could mean it has been snacking on some form of food in your house and is planning on sticking around for the long haul.

If you’re noticing a large number of ants in the home or bigger than normal ants, you may have an ant problem. Ants thrive in the kitchen, pantry, or anywhere with access to wood or snacks.

3. Exposed Food Revealing Ants

Speaking of snacks, exposed food could lend you a hand in finding an ant infestation.

Ants aren’t picky with their eating habits. If it’s out and easily accessible, they’re going to be attracted to it. A clean home will likely keep ants away.

The same can be said for any dog or cat food left out. If you have animals in the house, make sure you’re keeping an eye on food bowls to notice an ant problem.

4. Ant Infestation Nests

An ant nest looks like a small pile of soil or dirt. Noticing these small spots outside or inside your home may require a closer look.

Ant nests are often found in the walls of a home or other quiet and dark places making them even more difficult to spot.

5. Ant Trails

Oh, when the ants, go marching in.

A trail of ants means a colony is on the move and likely inside your home.

Ants leave behind something called a pheromone trail once they’ve found a food source. This trail communicates with the other ants that have not had direct interaction with a specific food source. The trail acts as a beacon of nourishment and should increase the concern of these pests.


Improve Your Home

Dealing with an ant infestation can be a tricky situation to manage.

As a homeowner, you’ll come in contact with plenty of roadblocks. If you’re interested in meeting those roadblocks head-on and full of helpful information, keep reading our articles. We have plenty of opportunities to improve, remodel, and protect your home.

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