5 Signs You Need Some New Flooring

With proper care, flooring can last years. However, there are instances when you need new flooring. Do not put off having flooring services; look at your flooring before the damage worsens.

After all, poor flooring hurts your wallet, house’s value, and it can even become a health hazard. So, take action fast and get a new floor! Read on for five signs you need new flooring.


1. Visible Damage

One of the most obvious signs you need new flooring is visible damage. There might be cracks, visible nails, scratches, sagging, or buckling in your flooring. Or your carpet flooring might have rips or starts to loosen.

Other damage may include soft spots, usually caused by water damage. It is essential to get visible damage looked at by flooring services before it worsens.

2. Stubborn Stains

It is time for new flooring if you have stains that will not disappear no matter how much you clean. Wear and tear is natural, but once there are stains that do not go away, it is best to get new flooring. Stubborn stains are one of the first signs your floor has had excessive wear and tear, so you could benefit from a new floor.


new flooring


3. Allergy Problems

Carpet flooring and other old floors can be prone to trap allergens such as dust, mold, and pollen. Look at your flooring if you have noticed that your allergies are getting worse without a specific cause.

You can pick a new floor that prevents allergies and other health issues such as asthma. Popular options include laminate and vinyl flooring for people with allergies.

4. Strange Noises

Is your flooring making consistent noises? A slight creak now and then is not a cause for concern. But frequent creaking and other strange noises are signs you need new flooring.

Usually, it happens to wooden floors for various reasons, such as loose boards.

5. Home Renovations

Sometimes flooring is forgotten about during home renovations. But it is the perfect time to replace outdated flooring!

And with over 6.5 million home sales in 2020, home renovations offer the chance to increase your home’s value. Old stained, damaged, and noisy flooring will not encourage prospective buyers. New flooring improves the aesthetics of your home and will facilitate a fast sale.

Are you unsure where to begin? It can be helpful to check out flooring services to view their work. For example, check out grandrapidsflooring.com/carpet for some carpet flooring inspiration.


Time To Get New Flooring

If one or more of these signs you need new flooring resonates, it is time to call a flooring service! They will be able to advise if you need flooring work or a new floor.

Although new flooring is an investment, it will provide returns in the long run. If you ignore signs, you need new flooring; home renovations will cost a lot as the damage worsens.

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