5 Signs You Should Hire an Insurance Claim Attorney

In 2021, the homeowner’s insurance market was worth a whopping $119.2 billion. There’s a good reason why the industry is so profitable, too.

Insurance agencies collect monthly payments from homeowners. Homeowners who experience accidents then file insurance claims.

In some cases, the agency then denies the claim while keeping all the money that the homeowner paid for the policy.

If you’re facing that scenario, you need an insurance claim attorney ASAP. Are you not sure whether hiring an insurance attorney is right in your predicament?

Read on to discover 5 signs that you need legal help with your insurance claim.


1. You Know Your Claim Is Complicated

Home insurance claims are inherently complicated. If yours is more complex than a traditional claim, then you’ll want a lawyer. Why?

Complex claims are more likely to get denied. You’re more likely to overlook or undervalue certain items. The adjuster may even get confused.

When you know your claim will be a challenge, consider getting help. A lawyer’s meticulous process will ensure you get what you deserve.

2. A Natural Disaster Happened

You’d think a home insurance claim after a natural disaster or crisis would be simple. That’s where you’d be wrong, though.

Some natural disasters aren’t even covered at all, like floods. If a hurricane caused your home to flood, then your provider may attempt to argue a flood destroyed it. That way, they wouldn’t be liable.

3. Your Claim Is Big

The bigger your claim is, the bigger chance you have of receiving a denial letter. If you don’t get denied outright, your provider may attempt to lowball your payout.

After all, a big claim cuts at your provider’s profits.

That’s why you need a lawyer. They’ll be your advocate.

4. You’re Still Waiting on an Answer

While home insurance claims can take a while, they shouldn’t take too long. If you’ve been waiting on an answer from your provider for a few weeks, then get a lawyer.

There’s a good chance your provider is either delaying or hoping to deny your claim. They may even be looking for an excuse to deny it.

5. Your Claim Got Denied

Did you attempt to go through your claim on your own? If so, then it may have gotten denied. Don’t get discouraged, though.

Instead, get in contact with a claims attorney as soon as you can. They’ll help you go over your entire claim and identify what went wrong.

In some situations, they may be able to help you resubmit your claim and get an approval.

Do You Need an Insurance Claim Attorney?

Have you noticed one or more of the signs above? If so, then you know what you need to do. It’s time to start looking for an insurance claim attorney.

The longer you delay, the more you’re putting your claim at risk.

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