5 Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repairing

Do you have a garage door that gets used daily? Are you starting to wonder how long it’s meant to last and if it may need repairing? Sometimes, homeowners are too quick to assume that the entire door needs replacing when, in reality, a repair was all that was necessary. Repairs can save you money and prolong the lifespan of the door. To help you figure out the best plan of action, here are five signs your garage door needs repairing.


You Start to Hear Strange and/or New Sounds

When you open your garage door, do you suddenly hear new sounds? Some describe it as squeaking, creaking, grinding, rustling, or grating. Any time you hear sounds coming from your garage door, it’s worth investigating. This could signal that key parts are wearing down and are in danger of breaking. The culprit can be the torsion springs, railings, or hinges as a few examples. Each of these can be replaced, so there is no need to install a new door.

Keep in mind that replacing important parts such as these is dangerous work and requires skill, experience, and the proper tools. Joaquin Garage Doors prides itself on offering top-quality repairs thanks to the fact that their technicians are trained and licensed. They can come out, inspect to diagnose the issue, and then do the necessary repairs.

The Garage Door Doesn’t Respond as Quickly

This particular issue applies to those with an automatic garage door opener. If you press the button and the door seems to hesitate or is slow to open, there may be a problem with it. Typically, this can point to the springs, but that’s not the only issue that may be happening. It may even be a simple fix, such as applying garage door lubricant.

The Door Won’t Open at All

Perhaps the door isn’t slow to open – maybe it won’t open at all. This means there is an issue that needs addressing and you don’t want to try to force the door open as this can cause more damage.

The Door Comes Right Off the Tracks

While this sounds pretty dramatic, it is more common than you may think. Should the door come off the tracks, you need to stop using it immediately and have it repaired and put back on the tracks. This signals a bigger problem such as rollers that need replacing, or even a misalignment. A professional garage door repair person will be able to fix the problem safely and effectively.

There Is Noticeable Sagging of the Door

Take a look at your door – do you notice it sagging in sections, or is the entire door sagging? Either of these spells trouble and means that you need to have the door balanced. Many different parts could be to blame, including the all-important tension spring.

If your garage door has any of these red flags, it’s important to address the issue immediately, as this ensures the operation of the door remains reliable and safe.

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