5 Simple and Nice Gestures to Send as a Housewarming Gift

Moving homes or apartments can be exciting but it can also be a bit overwhelming. If you have friends or loved ones who have recently made a big life change, you can show them how happy you are for them with a nice gesture or a lovely housewarming gift.

From an item that helps to make their new residence feel more like home, to a gift that can help add a touch of beauty to their space, there are plenty of great options to choose from that are bound to put a smile on their face.

To help you decide on what to get them, here are 5 housewarming gift ideas that aim to please:


Make them smile with a bouquet of flowers

There’s nothing quite like flowers to help say “welcome home”. Flower arrangements are not only a fabulous gesture to show your excitement for your friend or loved one’s new home, but they also make any space feel more inviting. So, when in doubt, you can always send flowers as a special housewarming gift. Choose a bouquet with bright colors that will convey the happy feelings you’re hoping to share or an arrangement that matches their decor. Either way, they’ll love the surprise delivery.

Wake them up with a basket of coffee and goodies

If you know that your friends love coffee and can’t get enough of it, use that as part of your housewarming gift. It might be hard for them to whip up a cup of Joe at home if their coffee maker and mugs are packed up, so showing up with their favorite roast will be much appreciated—especially when you consider everything they need to do to get their new home ready for comfortable living. Why not take it an extra step, and find them a coffee subscription to get them going in their new life in a new home?


jkn Housewarming Gift


Share the happiness of plants with them

For the plant lover who had to leave a garden behind at their last place, the idea of starting a garden from scratch could be one more thing on their long to-do list. Make it easier on them by gifting a plant or two or consider investing in a gardening subscription to get them started. If they have kids, it’s also a great opportunity for outdoor learning and makes for a fun activity to do with them as they adjust to their new home.

Gift a personalized doormat

You’ll want to put some thought into this one to make sure that you’re gifting one that is perfect for their new home. After all, you want it to be a mat that they’d be proud to put in front of their house. Think about something that is so “uniquely them,” as you look for a personalized door mat to help them make their new place welcoming for visitors.

Get them ready to cook delicious meals with olive oil

Olive oil is a kitchen staple for those who love to cook. If your friend is passionate about cooking, get them a set of olive oil bottles. It’s perfect for those who want to prepare their meals with the best-tasting and healthy options on the market. Foodies will never forget your housewarming gift.


Housewarming Gift


In Conclusion

WIth all the things they need to do to get settled—from furnishing their homes to unpacking a mountain of boxes—anything you can do to make the experience more pleasant will be much appreciated.

Whether it’s their first house or simply a new apartment, everyone deserves a housewarming gift to celebrate a new phase. At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts, so think about the gift that would make them smile and voila, you’ve found the best housewarming gift possible!


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