5 Statement Pieces to Elevate Your Home Decor

With interior design trends shifting to new styles entirely, like grand millennial and granny chic, you need to invest in new statement pieces. Whether you’re looking to update your current home or furnish a new one, finding the right furnishings can make or break the mood.

No matter your aesthetic, you can find something to stand out in your living or dining area. Read on to discover some unique furniture ideas for elevating your living space.


1. Infusing a Room With Organic Elements

When you think of statement pieces of furniture, what comes to mind? You might think of a funky couch or lamp. But have you ever thought of literally bringing nature into your living or dining room?

One of the biggest trends lately is to include live-edge furniture in their home. Live edge slabs (which have unfinished, raw wedges) could make a one-of-a-kind statement or heirloom table. You could turn it into a coffee or dining table even.

2. Add a Bit of On-the-Wall Glitz

Peel and stick wallpaper is back on trend (finally)! That means changing up your living space is easier than ever. Cool furniture is great, but you can accent it further with unique wallpaper. You can even update some outdated furniture or countertops with the right paper choice.

Consider a marble finish on Formica countertops or an old table you can’t refinish. Wallpaper doesn’t just have to go on walls. A nice floral or paisley pattern could take a worn coffee table from drab to fab.

3. Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

A popular type of statement piece furniture is mirrors. Some of the most visited places in the world, like Versailles, have wall-to-ceiling mirrors. And though ceiling mirrors aren’t coming back, a giant leaning mirror can really change a space.

Your living, dining, or a wider hallway can change completely with a mirror. Huge ones can be leaned on the wall to give off a sense of effortless glam. Smaller mirrors can be strategically hung to mess with perception and expand a space.

4. Who Doesn’t Want to Swing from a Chandelier?

Statement pieces aren’t just about appearance. They can be functional, too. Instead of taking up precious wall or floor space with floor lamps, consider a chandelier.

There are tons of options that fit a wide array of aesthetics. It might seem like an outdated option, but the right chandelier can double as fantastic lighting and artwork. The difficulty comes in finding the light fixture that stands out as unique furniture.

5. When You Can’t Bare It Any Longer

How long has that vinyl or laminate flooring or cold tile cramped your style? Some statement pieces are meant to be walked all over. You got it: rugs are a great statement furnishing.

You can find patterns and weaves from all over the world. Not all rugs are square either. Some come in unique shapes and sizes, helping them make an even grander statement.

Elevate Your Home With More than Statement Pieces

Now you’ve got a few ideas for possible statement pieces in your home; it’s time to decorate! Check out the rest of our great content for more chic tips on upgrading your living spaces.



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