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5 Stunning Coastal Home Design Ideas

Are you looking for coastal home design ideas?

Creating a home design that lets you feel like you’re always at the beach is a great choice, but you need to make sure you have the right information to make your home pop.

Check out this inspiring guide to get started.


1. Choose Natural Materials

Natural fabrics and other materials are a great choice for coastal home decor. Rugs made of woven materials, such as jute, will add texture to your floor.

You can use pine planks or other materials to cover your walls, which will make your home feel like you’re really hanging out at a beach house.

If you’re looking to add natural materials to a whole new home, make sure you check out these modern coastal house plans.


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2. Pick Bright Colors

You may think you’re stuck in a box, color-wise when you’re looking into your coastal design options, but there are actually lots of great, exciting colors you can choose for your home. Coral, for example, is a bright option that still brings up the feeling of hanging out at the beach.

Of course, different shades of blue and green are always a great choice when you’re designing your coastal-themed home. You can look for brighter shades, or more muted ones if you’re looking for something on the conservative side. If you do go with brighter shades, consider pairing them with white accents to balance them out.


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3. Let There Be Light

Having plenty of light in your home is an important part of any coastal design. If your home lacks windows, you may want to have bigger ones put in. If you already have big windows, you’re one step ahead of the game. Look for sheer window coverings to let the light shine in while still allowing you some privacy.

You can also add even more lamps around your home, so that you can keep the bright feeling even when the sun goes down.


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4. White and Light Furniture

Light-colored furniture will always help pull a coastal-themed room together. Look for dining room sets made of light wash wood, for example. Choose white couches and armchairs so the colors elsewhere will really stand out. Alternatively, you can look for coastal-themed furniture collections for complementary pieces and an overall consistent design.

Just make sure that if any of your white furniture goes outside, it’s properly protected from the elements. You don’t want to have to replace all your furniture in short order, after all.


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5. Try Coastal Accents

You can add some minor coastal accents to your home to truly give it that beachy-keen feel. Try seashell motifs in your tiles or wallpaper, for example. Add some found coral to your display cases. Just make sure to keep it tasteful — you want to look classy, not corny.


5 Stunning Coastal Home Design Ideas(Image source: @Pure Salt Interiors)


Coastal Home Design: Get Started

It’s now time to commit to some of these coastal home design ideas for your home.

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