5 Stylish Ways To Brighten Your Hallway

Your hallway is the first thing people see upon entering your house. This space may be neglected by many homeowners when it comes to styling. This may be because they focus mainly on other primary areas like the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms.

If you have a dark hallway, there are several ways to brighten it. In this article, you’ll learn some helpful tips for doing this. You’ll see it’s much easier to transform space.

To stylishly brighten your entryway, you can:


Install Traditional Skylights

A hallway that allows maximum natural illumination makes your home feel more welcoming. Besides, it reduces the need to keep your lights on during the day, lowering your energy consumption. Natural brightness is also believed to be calming and thought to encourage the release of serotonin, which enhances a person’s mood.

There are several ways to allow daylight into your hallway. For instance, you could use skylights—openings or windows installed on the roof. They’re mostly made of translucent or transparent material that brings in more natural light.

A good thing about skylights is they don’t only brighten your hallway. In addition to that, they serve as ventilation and can make your entryway look more spacious, open, and luxurious.


5 Stylish Ways To Brighten Your Hallway


Use Sun Tunnels Or Glass Panels

Perhaps you have a roof that can’t accommodate a traditional skylight. In this case, sun tunnels may be better to consider. They’re small, round, reflective illumination sources that bring in natural light. They’re easier to install and versatile as people have often used them in some attics and other areas where traditional skylights might not seem practical.

Glass panels are also a good substitute for roof windows. These can be installed in the front door or on either side of it to bring more natural light into your hallway. You could frame the panels to enhance security or use frosted glass to ensure privacy.

Install Bright Lights

Besides natural light, you can add bright decorative artificial illumination to your entryway. You can make a statement using a chandelier or suspended lights. These can cause your space to look classy and expensive. Though there are several you can choose from, pick those that complement or match the designs in the rest of your house. An overwhelming chandelier or suspended light in your hallway could overshadow other attractive characteristics of your home.

Chandeliers and suspended lights work best in houses with high ceilings. If yours isn’t, consider wall sconces. They’re available in various styles and lighting levels, allowing you more flexibility in designing. You can utilize them to highlight art in your hallway or for ergonomic task lighting. Also, you could use them alongside recessed and suspended lights to create luminosity balance.


5 Stylish Ways To Brighten Your Hallway


Paint The Space With Bright Colors

A fresh coat of bright paint might do the trick for you. Colors like white, blue, green, yellow, cream, beige, and grey may help brighten up your hallway. However, before using any, consider the theme or designs in the rest of the house.

You may want to add dark colors to the entryway to enhance its design or ensure it matches or complements other design features in your home. In this case, include smaller elements in the hallway with dull shades. For instance, you can use picture frames with darker hues or add some dull-colored details on your stair railing. Simply ensure that the darker elements don’t overpower the bright features in your entryway.

Add A Mirror

It’s great to add a mirror to your hallway. You can consider any size and color or go with multiple well-designed pieces. The best mirror to pick will depend on your styling needs and preferences.

Mirrors can brighten your entryway by reflecting the artificial or sun’s light falling on them back into the hallway. Place yours adjacent to or opposite a window for more natural illumination. To enhance artificial light, install the mirror near an illumination source. Avoid placing it directly in front of bulbs or wall sconces as it could blind you.


5 Stylish Ways To Brighten Your Hallway



It’s best to make sure your hallway gives your guests a good first impression of your house. One way to ensure this is by brightening it up stylishly. You can use traditional skylights, sun tunnels, or glass panels to bring in natural illumination. You could also install artificial lights in your hallway or paint the space with bright colors. Besides making your entryway look more radiant and stylish, these tips might also help your home feel warmer and more welcoming. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you plan and prepare.


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