5 Surefire Ways To Keep Your Guests Entertained


Well, look at you go. Your new apartment looks fantastic. It’s clean, bursting with personality, and loaded with fresh food.

The only thing missing is some mates to share it with. So, you shoot out some invites, promising a day of laughs and good times. We’re sure it will be, but just in case the conversation dries up, here are five ideas to keep your guests happy – and coming back for more.

Deck of Cards

The problem with bringing out board games at parties often has to teach someone how to play. Frankly put, learning a new game tends to kill the vibe – it’s always best to play something everyone already knows. That’s where a deck of cards comes in.

I’ve yet to see a gathering where no one knows how to play cheat, poker, emperor scum, or the hundreds of other universally loved card games out there. You pick a favorite that everyone at the table knows, then bam! You’re away. Try not to get too competitive. Or do. It’s your place, after all.


5 Surefire Ways To Keep Your Guests Entertained



This one should be a given. There’s nothing like a bit of upbeat background music to lift the spirits, get everyone friendly and relaxed, and eliminate any chances of awkward silence. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a DJ or playlist aficionado.

Apple Music and Spotify have thousands of pre-made playlists to match whatever mood you and your friends feel. A bonus perk of having music on – you can ask your mates what they want to hear. Who knows? Maybe the living room becomes a dance floor or karaoke bar for the day. PS – please don’t use a Youtube to mp3 converter.


Another given here. As bad as this sounds, alcohol should almost always be offered to house guests. It’s a warm gesture and should help everyone feel jolly and open. Like learning how to tie a tie, it’s just plain customary. Think of it as the ultimate ice-breaker. Saying cheers and clinking glasses signals that the day is one for love and straight-up good times. You can also get sunset, to avoid alcohol flushing and get back to our social lives.

5 Surefire Ways To Keep Your Guests Entertained

Celebrity Heads

This is one of those games that always seems to work. If the day is beginning to dry up, this is an excellent option for revitalising everyone’s energy. If you haven’t heard of the game, don’t sweat, it’s super simple. Simply write down a celebrity and give it to another guest but make sure they don’t see who it is.

Then, they have to ask yes/no questions and guess who they are. Trust me; you’ll be surprised how fun it is! Of course, there’s always someone that guesses correctly in two turns and someone that takes the whole day…

Study up

Before your guests arrive, it’s always worth checking recent news. Maybe Kanye West is in the headlines again for saying something outrageous. Maybe there was an earthquake. Whatever’s happening, it’s your duty as an active citizen to be aware of it so when your mates bring it up – you’re on the same level as them.


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