5 Tell Tale Signs You Have a Critter Issue

Pest infestation is something you don’t want in your home. Pests are annoying, so you need to know various tell-tale signs to eliminate them in time.

Pests cause various public health problems. They can also gnaw your drywall or furniture items, reducing the value of your home.

Good pest control will give you a comfortable and healthy living environment. You will also protect your property from possible damages.

How can you know you have pest issues in your place? Keep reading to find out the top five tell-tale signs you have critter problems and what to do.


3 Major Signs of a Rodent Infestation in Your Home


1. Smells

Different critters release different smells. In fact, some pests don’t have bad odors, making it difficult to know their existence. Here are the different smells you should pay attention to.

Roaches have oily and acidic smells. Dead roaches or droppings cause these odors.

Compared to other critters, roaches have pungent smells. This makes it easier for many homeowners to identify their existence.

Squashing roaches will make your house smell worse. So, it’s good to call a professional exterminator to eliminate them.

Bed bugs are other pests with different odors. Bed bugs are known for their pleasant and musty smells. Pest control experts liken the bed bug smells to berries.

Again, bed bugs may produce copper-scented smells. This is because they consume human blood. The coppery smell indicates mass bed bug infestation in your place.

Bed bugs are difficult to get rid of. Hiring professional pest control services is the best thing to do.

How about rodents? Here, you should pay attention to musky ammonia smells. The rodent’s urine and droppings cause these smells.

Again, dead rats and mice smell like rotting meat. Check your closets, under the beds, and their other hiding spots whenever you notice this sign.

Several things will help you get rid of rodents from your home. Traps and baits can help you.

You can also use baking soda poison – it’s an effective and cheap rodent control method. A professional exterminator can be helpful when rodents are many in your place.


5 Tell Tale Signs You Have a Critter Issue


2. Droppings

Like other animals, pests also leave their wastes where they infest. This is among the fastest tell-tale signs you can notice.

Pest droppings spread bacteria and viruses, causing diseases. They also release the discussed smells, causing breathing problems.

Again, pest droppings contaminate foods.

It’s good to be curious and identify pests by their droppings. This will help you know what you’re dealing with and take the necessary measures.

Roaches produce droppings that are similar to ground pepper. You’ll easily find roaches where their poop is.

Mice and rat droppings are dark in color. They are soft but become hard and light after some days. Rodents droppings are a bit bigger than other pests’ droppings.

Bed bug droppings are very tiny spots. They are black clusters that get deposited on the bed. It can be hard to differentiate bed bug droppings from common dirt.

Termites are other common critters. Their droppings vary in color depending on the wood they eat.

Snakes are other scariest pests you don’t want in your place. Their droppings are mushy and dark brown. Their droppings may have fur or bone particles depending on what they have eaten.

There are things to do when you notice pest droppings in your home. First, you need to hire a professional exterminator to remove the pests.

Droppings attract more pests. Ensure you clean your home immediately after pest removal.


5 Tell Tale Signs You Have a Critter Issue


3. Hearing Strange Noises

Many pests become active at night. You will hear rats and mice running in the kitchen or gnawing your furniture at night.

Strange pests noises will interfere with your sleep. It can also be hard to concentrate on your homework with disturbing noises.

How do you identify pests by their noises? This is the first step to eliminating pests from your home.

Bats activities are common at night. You’ll see them flying to the high rafters while producing high-pitch sounds. They also hit the walls and roofs so hard, causing disturbances.

Apart from scratching/gnawing sounds, rats and mice produce squeaking sounds. They will go silent immediately you turn on the lights. So, trying to catch them at night will be fruitless.

The best thing to do here is to hire a professional pest control expert. At Fast Action Pest Control, we handle any pest issue disturbing our customers. You can go to fastactionpestcontrol.com to learn more about us and the pest control services we provide.

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4. Damage to Your Property

This is a sign that you have termites and rodents in the house. These pests chew furniture items, drywall, and other parts of the property.

You will see small scratches or holes in your furniture. You might also see some powdery residues on the furniture surfaces.

Continued damage to your property will decline your home’s value. It can be hard to sell a pest-infested property.

Additionally, damage to your items will subject you to unnecessary expenses. You will be forced to repair the damaged items or buy new ones.

There are things to do to prevent continued pest damage to your property. First, seal the cracks and holes in your house. This will prevent rodents’ entry into your home.

A pest control expert is the other best solution to consider.


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5. Nesting Materials

All pests like hiding. They make nests in secluded areas to avoid getting noticed.

This is very common with rodents. Mice use cotton, shredded paper, or small clothing pieces to make the nests.

Don’t be comfortable after killing one mouse – there’s likely to be a nest hosting many mice.

You may not easily see the actual nests. Pay attention to the nesting materials scattered in your house.

Pest experts know where mice hide their nests. Contact them and enjoy a mice-free home or office.


You Now Know the Tell-Tale Signs of Pest Infestation

Sometimes it can be difficult to know when you have pests in your place. The more pests invade your home/office, the more risks to damages.

With these tell-tale signs, you’ll control the pests before they cause more harm.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the article. Visit our website for more information about pest control.

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