5 Things to Do Before Your First Yoga Retreat

So you’ve booked your first-ever yoga retreat? Now that the last drop of the initial celebratory joy has evaporated and the day of your departure is nearing, you might start to think: “What did I get myself into?” 

Don’t sweat it! We will tell you how to prep your mind, body, and luggage for your first yoga retreat. 

1. Communicate With the Retreat Staff

If you already haven’t, get in touch with the organizers. Confirm your accommodation first. If you haven’t specified that you want a single room during your booking process or paid an additional fee, you will probably find yourself with a fellow yogi roomie during your stay. 

Some yoga retreats are not as luxurious as others. If you’ve signed up for a more natural experience, ask the organizers if you should bring some bed sheets, towels, or blankets. 

Should your mind be full of questions, don’t be shy. Get the phone, and make the call.


ewfwe 5 2 Things to Do Before Your First Yoga Retreat


 2. Practice Self-Awareness and Contemplate Your Goals

To get the best out of your retreat experience, you need to figure out why you are doing it in the first place. Is it a complete lifestyle transformation that you need? Is it to meet mind-like yogis and form new connections? Or maybe you’ve had too much stress at work that you need to get rid of? 

No one knows the reasons for your trip better than you. Self-awareness and meditation are the best ways to reach deeply into your mind and understand what drove you to this decision. Play some meditation sounds to tune out the distractions of the noisy world and indulge in some self-reflection.

3. Start Eating Mindfully to Prep Your Body

Yoga retreats are well-known for their healthy yet delicious diets. Considering your days will be full of yoga practices, you’d better start prepping your body as early as possible. 

Cutting out some of your favorite junk foods, processed meat, and refined sugars is a good starting point for changing your daily eating habits. Instead, try adding lots of vegetables, natural proteins, and beans. 

 4. Thoroughly Research the Destination

Another great thing about yoga retreats is the spectacular places they often are located. Many retreats include cultural exploration activities and their schedules – hiking, walking, meeting natives, trying local cuisine, etc. 

Look at your schedule and see if you have that in your package. Learn as much about where you are going as you can beforehand. You might be going to your dream destination without knowing it yet. Who knows?


ewfwe 3 3 Things to Do Before Your First Yoga Retreat


 5. Don’t Go Crazy With Your Luggage 

Knowing more about your destination can help you pack your luggage more efficiently. Tropical destinations demand additional swimming sets, hats, and shorts to be found in your baggage. Wintery and chillier destinations require warm sweaters, a waterproof jacket, and thermal socks. 

Sun protection, deodorants, and travel-size shampoos are a must regardless of the location, so don’t forget to put them in your bags. Also, pack some tank tops, yoga pants, joggers, and a pair or two of sneakers if you have any special activities planned. If you are into journaling, bring a yoga journal and some pens to document your thoughts and feelings.

Think about how long you will stay, and don’t go overboard with your luggage. 


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