5 Tips for Choosing Landscape Lights to Accent Your Garden

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According to a major study, outdoor lighting cut crime by 39%. Apart from improving security around your home, landscape lights can also enhance the aesthetics of your garden. Good outdoor lighting can make your yard the perfect place to relax after a long day or entertain your guests.

However, poorly fixed or organized lighting won’t do your garden any good. Outdoor landscape lighting requires more than installing a couple of lights. To create an ambiance that elevates your yard’s beauty, below are awesome landscape lighting ideas you should try.


1. Define the Purpose for Landscape Lighting

Before you invest in any landscaping lights, you need to know why you need illumination in your yard. Whether you want to improve security in your home or create a soft, romantic mood, defining the purpose of your outdoor lights will help you choose the right types and styles for each application.

It also helps you determine the right size and placement of your outdoor lighting fixtures so that they can meet your needs.

2. Pick Your Subject

You should decide what you want to highlight in your landscape lighting design. This can be your courtyard area, specific trees or shrubs, landscape, statue, or pathway.

You may want to focus on the bricks of your home or show off a statue or the pool. Finding the focus for your landscape lights can narrow down the options of the kind of lights that will work best for you.


2 patios Landscape Lights


3. Select the Right Light Fixtures for Your Yard

From floodlights and spotlights to pathway lights, you have a wide selection of outdoor lights to choose from. Your choice will depend on how elaborate you want your lighting schema to be.

For example, spotlights create a narrower beam of light to help distinguish stand-out features while floodlights can cast a wide beam ideal for illuminating a large area.

Additionally, you have to decide whether you prefer fluorescent, halogen, LED, or solar landscape lights. Your choice will depend on the costs, energy efficiency, and durability. When looking for outdoor lighting fixtures, you should pick the ones with UL damp and wet ratings.

4. Consider the Color Temperature and Degrees

Another important factor to consider for your outdoor landscape lighting design is the correlated color temperature. It’s the color of light produced by light fixtures. You can get bulbs in amber, blue, green, or white colors. It can be measured on a temperature scale or Kelvin scale.

When you buy light fixtures, check the Kelvin value on the package. If you prefer your landscape lighting to have an amber hue, look for bulbs with a 3500k range or lower. For blue hue, select bulbs in the 4200K range while whiter bulbs will have 3500-4100K range.

5. Determine How Much Effort You Want to Put into Your Lighting

High voltage landscape lighting will need great effort while low-voltage lighting requires a little effort. If you want to install 120-volt lighting, you’ll need to expend a lot of effort.

You may need to contact Imperiallm to help you bury wiring at a depth of 18 inches or encase it in conduit to protect it from water.


Illuminate Your Outdoors with Premium Landscape Lights

Want to set up landscape lights in your yard? The tips above should come in handy.

Follow the aforementioned tips to ensure your yard is well-lit. For more on home designs and lifestyle, browse our blog.

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