5 Tips for Choosing the Right Solar Cleaning Services for You

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Are considering whether you should hire a company to clean your solar panels? Although only 4 percent of Americans use solar power now, that is expected to more than trip by the year 2030!

Solar power is beneficial to the environment and can save you thousands of dollars on energy costs each year. To make the most of your solar energy, you must keep your panels clean.

Read on to learn 5 tips for choosing the right solar cleaning services for you!


5 Tips for Choosing the Right Solar Cleaning Services for You


1. Experience

The solar cleaning company you hire should be one with experience in the industry. Cleaning solar panels is a time-consuming process that requires knowledge and training to do it right.

Panels are expensive pieces of technology that are easily breakable. Your service proper solar panel cleaning tools and techniques to protect your investment.

2. Reputation

In today’s business world, reputation is more important than ever before. During your search to hire the best company for your needs, take time to learn about your options.

Read online reviews, speak to trusted friends or family, and visit company websites to learn as much as possible. Reading about services on a website like smartsolarcleaning.com can tell you a lot about a business and the background of its ownership team.

3. Insurance

Avoid hiring any panel cleaning service company that is not carrying active insurance coverage. Whether your solar panels are on your roof or accessible on the ground, cleaning them can be a dangerous job.

Before a company begins working at your home, request a copy of their insurance coverage. Also, be sure that you are added as an additional insured on their policy for your job.

This will help protect you and your family if someone is injured while working at your home.

4. Warranty

The level of work quality is only as high as the integrity of the company performing the service. Does the solar panel cleaner candidate on your list offer any kind of warranty? If not, you should strongly consider looking elsewhere for services.

If a warranty is offered, pay close attention to what it does and does not cover. You want the company performing your services to stand by their work!

5. Communication

In a fast-paced society, communication is arguably the most important part of the customer experience. You can’t afford to overlook the importance of being able to speak with your cleaning service when you need them.

Learn a company’s normal form of communication. Do they normally use phone, email, and text? If so, does this medium work best for your preferences?

The answers to those questions are important ones to consider when you are making a final hiring decision.

Pick the Best Solar Cleaning Services Today

Picking the best solar cleaning services may seem challenging at first. By taking time to learn about your options and speak to a handful of companies, you can feel more confident about your final decision.

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