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5 Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Outdoor Bench

Your garden is blooming. Your yard is beautifully trimmed, and your house looks inviting and beautiful.

But something’s missing. What could it be?

Obviously, it’s an outdoor bench! Outdoor seating is a great addition to any yard. It’s the perfect final touch that makes an attractive home truly “lived in.”

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect outdoor bench, keep reading below. We’ve got five things to look out for as you decide on a model that’s right for you.


1. Think About Material

Outdoor benches come in an almost overwhelming array of materials. What’s right for your yard: an outdoor wooden bench or an outdoor stone bench? What about metal or plastic?

Consider where you’re purchasing your bench and where you want to place it in your yard. Heavier materials might be harder to move and install than lighter ones.

If you have a theme for your yard, you can also look for a complimentary material. A wooden bench, for example, fits with a rustic or cottage-y theme. A metal bench would be better for a modern or minimalist home.

You should also consider the weather in your area and the durability of your bench. Materials like plastic and metal stand up to extreme weather well, while wood might warp or stain.

2. Find a Complimentary Color

What color is your home? What colors do you have growing in your yard (or your garden, if you have one)? These are great things to think about as you choose a bench color.

You should also think about how hot it gets in your area. If you live in a very warm area, a white outdoor bench will be more comfortable than a black one!

3. Consider Space

How much space do you have to work with? If you have a very spacious yard, you won’t have to worry about the size of your bench. But if you’re working with more limited space, make sure that you take precise measurements before you purchase any bench.

If you’re very low on space, you can purchase a small outdoor bench that also contains a storage component. Plastic benches with flip-up seats, for example, can serve a double purpose as a storage container for gardening tools or other outdoor items.

4. Set a Budget

Like any kind of furniture, outdoor benches and chairs can quickly become an expensive investment. Set a budget for your bench before you start shopping. Make sure that you consider that budget as you decide on a bench that’s right for you.

5. Don’t Forget Comfort

You might have a beautiful bench, but if it’s not comfortable to sit on, what’s the point? Try out benches before you decide which one to take home. Think about the feeling of the outdoor bench seat, the height of the bench, and the presence (or lack thereof) of arm rests.


Find Your Perfect Outdoor Bench Today

Consider the factors listed above as you shop for your outdoor bench and you’ll find the perfect fit in no time. A bench that’s the right color, style, and size for you will make a great addition to your yard.

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