5 Tips for Designing a Workspace at Home for Influencers

An influencer is a profession that has a large role in influencing someone. Not only that but also influencers are also believed to be a profession that can invite people to do something, as he did. This is different from designing a workspace for other professions. Tips for designing a workspace for influencers can’t be arbitrary.

Why is that? Because in general, the work of influencers is synonymous with people. Whether it’s by interacting through the camera, video, live streaming to video calls. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to the element of comfort, the workspace for influencers must also apply the element of beauty. Especially when viewed from the point of view of the audience, as a follower.


5 Tips for Designing Workspaces for Influencers that You Need to Pay Attention 

In general, an influencer is tasked with influencing many people through writing, to the videos he makes. Therefore, some influencers even often make videos and live streams specifically, to do this work.

For that reason, to design this influencer-only workspace, there are a few tips that you need to do. Among them:

1. Comfort Level

Not only for influencers, almost all professions certainly require a high level of comfort. Likewise with this influencer-only workspace. You can choose a soft and comfortable seat, and a work desk that is not too high, but not too low. This is done, so as not to make your body have to bend down or look up when you have to write or open a laptop, which will make your body tired more easily.


5 Tips for Designing a Workspace at Home for Influencers

2. Choose a place that is not too noisy

For those of you who live in a house that is not too big, choosing a corner of the room as a workplace can indeed be the right choice. But there are important things you need to pay attention to. Where when you have to write that requires high concentration. Even when you have to do live streaming, which of course requires a quiet atmosphere, and is away from the noise.

So of course, you can do these tips for designing a workspace for influencers by choosing a special room. So you won’t be bothered to do your job as an influencer.


5 Tips for Designing a Workspace at Home for Influencers


3. Pay attention to the beauty of the workspace background

As explained earlier, some influencers work through writing in the form of articles, but some work by making inspiring videos and doing live streaming.

Especially for the latter, besides paying attention to the themes and topics that you will bring up in gaining the sympathy of others. Another thing that you need to pay attention to is how to design a workspace with an interesting background.

Because when you live stream and also make videos, viewers don’t just focus on everything you say. But also about the things they see on camera. Including the arrangement of the work desk, wallpaper, wall decoration, and others.


5 Tips for Designing a Workspace at Home for Influencers


4. Prepare Support Equipment

To make it easier for you to do your job, it’s a good idea to store all the main supporting equipment on your desk. For example laptops, cameras, headsets, microphones, and other supporting equipment. It’s just that, even though the supporting equipment may be stored all in one workbench.

Try not to store them in a pile, which makes the desk seem messy. Organize and store all the supporting equipment more neatly and well organized.


jbk Workspace at Home


5. Pay attention to the lighting and sound around the workspace

It’s not just about setting the workspace background, an influencer also has to think about the lighting and sound settings around the workspace. Because of course, you don’t want that during a live stream, your voice can’t be heard by all your followers, right? Or maybe, the video quality is blurry, just because the lighting used in the workspace is not so adequate/

5 Tips for Designing a Workspace at Home for Influencers


Those are 5 tips for designing a workspace for influencers, which you can emulate. Because even though this influencer profession is not bound by time, it can be done anywhere. But still, several

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