Top Tips for Finding Your Perfect Holiday Home

A holiday is a relaxing getaway we always look forward to every year. Renting a home for a holiday can be very expensive, not to mention the months of research and meticulous planning it demands. But it is so much worth it at the end, when and if you find a place you love and can make a lifetime of memories. Making happy memories is the most important element of any holiday. While there are so many options out there and it can be very tricky to make a decision, there are a few things you must consider when finding the perfect holiday home. Here are 7 tips we’ve come up with to help you organize your holiday like a pro.


Consider your personality type

Always consider your personality type when planning to book the perfect holiday home. What makes a perfect holiday for you? My holidays are always filled with activities and adventures. Hence, I spend a lot of my time exploring rather than staying in, so I would generally prefer a holiday home that is central so I’m close to the main sights. Barceló Travel Insights found that people around the age of 46-55 were more concerned with safety while on holiday, while 25-35-year-olds may be more concerned with nightlife rather than the facilities at their accommodation.


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Get in early

The general rule when finding a holiday home is to book well in advance! The best places sell out quickly! Watch out for holiday seasons where is it very difficult to secure the holiday home you want. This annual frenzy is usually around Christmas holidays, summer breaks, and spring breaks. Start looking as early as possible to secure your booking, especially if you are limited as to when you can take your holidays. If you want to travel in summer, book your holiday home in January, especially your transportation, early planning saves money.


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Consider the location

It is important that you do enough research buying before booking a holiday home. Location is key, and while it may be inexpensive to rent a home in a less popular and quieter location, it might not be the best choice in the long run. For instance, consider how long a drive to the town center is? Can you easily access places such as shops, pubs, restaurants, and bars, or tourist attractions, beaches, golf courses, and scenic walks?


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Filter your search by budget

Price is a factor you should naturally take into account, and one way to keep a hold on the finances is to restrict your search by budget. Expect to spend a lot of time comparing prices, especially if your budget is limited. Online aggregation sights such as, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, or Expedia make it very easy to explore around and compare prices. Although, the more star rating and better locations, the higher the price.


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Read reviews

The internet has made it easier than ever to research and book our own holidays. Reviews from previous guests who’ve stayed there generally give you a decent indication of what you can expect from your stay. There are most likely going to be negative reviews, but don’t be put off by one. Although, if there are more negative reviews than positive reviews, then that is not a good sign.


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Look at the Photos

A photo is worth a thousand words indeed. The more pictures, the better. That way you can see the style and decor of the rooms. If there are certain parts of the place you’d like to have a closer look at, request more photos! But be very wary, because sometimes what you see isn’t what you get. Sometimes, when in doubt, I try to look for photos on the review page taken by the previous guests themselves.



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