5 Tips for Preparing to Move

Are you planning to move? The average person moves 9.1 times during their lifetime. Hopefully, your next move will be your first rather than your eleventh.

If you are readying yourself for a move, you may wonder how to prepare ahead of time. Moving to a new home is stressful enough without worrying about packing and transporting your belongings.

Below we’ve created a checklist of tips and tricks to keep in mind when preparing to move. We’ve compiled the best of the best for moving day.

Read on to make sure you’ve got everything covered.


1. Purchasing Boxes and Packing Supplies

You’ll need to purchase boxes specifically designed for moving and packing supplies such as bubble wrap, packing tape, and packing paper. If you are buying new boxes, make sure the boxes are the right size and can hold the weight of your belongings.

If you’re tight on money, you can look on the internet for free or reduced-price moving boxes.

2. Disassembling Big Furniture Items

When preparing to move big furniture items, it is essential to disassemble the oversized furniture items to make the moving process much more manageable. To begin, make sure to have all the necessary tools to take apart the things. It may include tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, and pliers, among other items.

Next, please take pictures of the items before disassembling them to help you later when putting them back together. Also, label any removable parts, such as screws and brackets, to keep them organized. Finally, wrap the pieces in bubble wrap to keep them from getting lost or damaged during the transition.

3. Decluttering, Purging, and Sorting

Make a plan and decide what you need to keep, what you can donate, and what you can throw away. Begin sorting your possessions by room, category, or storage space.

Donate items you don’t use or need anymore and be sure to store or keep important documents and valuables safe. Measure objects and label boxes to ease loading and unloading them into the moving van. Finally, recycle items that can be recycled and make arrangements to dispose of items you cannot take with you.

4. Creating a Checklist of Moving Tasks

Writing down each step and marking them as completed will help with organization and planning. Creating a checklist of moving tasks will help keep everything organized and save time, energy, and money.

5. Securing a Moving Company or Renting a Truck

If you opt for hiring movers, search for and compare different professional movers and read their customer reviews. Ask for an in-home estimate and get prices in writing to ensure you get the best deal. Inquire about services such as packing, storage, and insurance.

Understand what is included and what any additional fees may be. Factor in the additional gas and mileage prices associated with the rental. See these residential moving services to look into truck rental discounts as well as any other benefits that you may offer.

Consider who will be responsible for any fees associated with moving large items, like pianos or bulky furniture. Also, ensure you have enough space to park the truck at the destination where you will be unloading.

Preparing to Move Today

Preparing to move can be an overwhelming process. With some thoughtful planning and organization, it can be manageable. Use these tips as a helpful guide to get yourself ready for a successful move.

Start planning early and contact a professional moving company for assistance to ensure your move runs smoothly. Don’t wait any longer and get started today!

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