5 Tips on Selecting a Roofing Contractor for Small Businesses

It’s no surprise that there are a lot of roofing contractors out there. The roof is one of the most essential parts of your building, protecting your building from the elements. That’s why there are over 108,000 roofing contractors in the United States.

The problem is that it can be challenging to find someone that can do the job right.

Selecting a roofing contractor for your business isn’t something you should just jump into. Below are five tips that will help you make the right choice.


1. Find Someone With Insurance

Insurance is already an important thing to consider when dealing with regular roofing services. It’s even more critical when you’re looking at options for roofers for your business.

You can’t afford for an accident to happen when roofers are on-site and have your company liable for damages. A roofing company like Falcon Roofing should carry insurance for when this happens. This insurance will take care of any damages.

2. Compare Several Quotes

There’s no getting around how expensive roofs are. Even residential roofs can cost upwards of $10,000. If you’re dealing with a larger commercial roof, you’re going to need a large commercial roofing budget.

Since you’re spending so much money, it might be tempting to jump on the lowest-priced service you see. However, doing this is a mistake.

You don’t know what corners a cheap provider will cut to get those prices. Get several quotes during your search and try to get the most value for your money.


Roofing Contractor for Small Businesses


3. Look for Great Warranties

The chances are good that you don’t want to keep spending money on your roof after getting work done. Unfortunately, mistakes and bad material can cause contractors to come out to do more work. The question is, will you pay extra for your contractors to do that work?

A warranty helps stop you from paying more than needed. It will cover bad labor and material. Check the warranties offered by a roofing contractor to ensure it covers everything.

4. Get Everything in Writing

Sometimes miscommunications happen when you work with contractors. If you have no paper trail that documents the work you need, some contractors won’t hear you out. You’ll pay a lot of money for the job but end up not getting what you wanted when your roofers leave.

You won’t have this issue when you get everything about your job in writing. If a contractor fails to perform their job, you’ll have documentation about everything they needed to do. Either they can do the job right, or you can move on to another provider and get your money back.

5. Check References

Reading online reviews isn’t always enough when you’re looking for commercial roofers. It takes a different skill set to handle roofing repairs on a commercial building and deal with business owners. Some residential roofers might not have that experience.

That’s why getting references from other business owners is essential to picking the right roofer. You want to know that a roofer has performed well for other companies.


Selecting a Roofing Contractor Is an Important Decision

You can’t afford to have roof issues when you run a business. The last thing you want is for a roof failure that causes business disruption and your company to lose money. Make sure you make selecting a roofing contractor a priority so you can find someone who takes care of your roof the right way.

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