5 Tips to Prevent Chafing

It’s a common misconception that chub rub only happens to overweight people.

Chub rub or abrasive chafing can happen to people of all shapes and sizes. Of course, those with wider thighs are more prone to chafing, but dismissing it as a “fat person issue” comes off as judgmental and fatphobic.

In fact, athletic individuals who live in warmer environments are more likely to experience it. Regardless of your weight and activity levels, though, if you’re tired of your skin becoming red, sore, and painful because of repeated rubbing, there are ways to prevent chafing.

Here are five of them.


1. Stick to Moisture-Wicking Fabrics 

If you like reaching for cotton underwear, shorts, pants, etc., in warm weather, you might want to give moisture-wicking fabrics a try.

Especially when you’re working out, you don’t want to be wearing something that doesn’t dry fast enough. Your best bets are polyester, nylon, and Merino wool, and make sure these pieces of clothing aren’t too tight when you wear them.

For men, opt for boxer briefs instead of boxers. The former will not bunch up, plus they run a few inches down the leg, which also helps with excess rubbing.

2. Apply Deodorant

One of the best chafing products is something you may already own. Yes, deodorants are anti-chafing, and you can just apply them to your inner thighs and groin.

If possible, go for a fragrance-free antiperspirant or deodorant. It will also help if it contains soothing ingredients like aloe vera.

3. Try Good Old Powder

Another quick solution for chafing in hot weather is powder or starch.

The great thing about powders is they don’t only absorb sweat. They also work as a lubricant. That means even if your upper thighs rub together, the friction would be less.

If you don’t like talcum, you can go for talc-free ones or switch to tapioca or cornstarch.

4. Use Anti-Chafing Products

Not everyone likes applying powder or deodorant to their thighs, so if you’re one of them, you can try anti-chafing products.

Like powders or deodorants, these products create a barrier between the skin. They may also contain soothing ingredients like coconut oil and vitamin E.

Now, if you already have a chub rub rash, try applying cold aloe vera gel or mild cortisone cream. A petroleum ointment also works, since it’s thick enough to keep the chafed skin from drying out.

5. Prevent Chafing by Removing Sweaty Clothes

For people who don’t like using anti-chafing products, you can prevent skin irritation by removing sweaty clothes immediately after exercising.

Wet clothes adhere to the body, and the sweaty buildup allows for more chafing, as well as bacterial and fungal infections. If you don’t have extra clothes, remember to bring baby wipes or a towel.


Free Yourself From Chafing

So you understand that chafing can happen to anyone, and if you find chafe marks annoying, you now know what to do to prevent chafing.

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