5 Tips You Should Know When Doing Basement Waterproofing

Water can cause serious damage to any home. It could rot wood, corrode concrete, cause mold growth, and more. Unfortunately, water will always be there to potentially damage your home. It can come from plumbing, rain, flooding, and even bodies of water nearby. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways that could help protect your property from all kinds of water damage. Things like improving roofs to avoid leaks, reinforcing plumbing, and even waterproofing the basement can help avoid serious damage to a home. 

Basement waterproofing is especially important and effective because of how it can protect the foundation of a home. But before any homeowner decides to look for any basement waterproofing solutions, here are some tips to know.


5 Tips You Should Know When Doing Basement Waterproofing


  • Do Your Research

Before starting any big projects for your property, it’s important to do in-depth research. This will help you understand the different kinds of basement waterproofing options. For example, there are different methods, and each would have its own benefits and limitations. 

Moreover, it’s also a perfect way to find which basement waterproofing contractors would best fit your needs. For instance, you could look for the best local contractors in your area, as well as their services and price ranges. 

This is probably the most important thing homeowners can do before they decide on basement waterproofing solutions. For thorough understanding, control over whatever happens on your property, and what you spend your money on, doing research is definitely something you shouldn’t skip out on.

  • Have Your Basement Inspected First 

Another important step is to get the basement inspected first. Usually, contractors will send over a professional to inspect your basement. It’ll be a great way for homeowners to find out what causes their basement to become moist or even flood. It’s also fantastic for getting answers to any questions you might have. 

  • Understand That It Is An Investment

It’s also important to remember that getting your basement waterproofed is an investment. It can get pricey, which is why people take some time deciding on whether they think it’s worth spending on or not. 

Here’s the range of costs to expect from basement waterproofing solutions:

  • High-end – around $6,000
  • Average – around $4,000
  • Low-end – $2,000

It’s a good idea to review the quality of workmanship and compare it to the price point. Then, you could decide on which contractor to hire. Aside from this, it gives you an idea of how much money to set aside and expect. 

Either way, it’s best to think of this as an investment that could improve and strengthen the integrity of your home. Future water damage can be more expensive to repair, and it can lower the value of your property. Oppositely, it can increase its value and make it more attractive to potential buyers.


5 Tips You Should Know When Doing Basement Waterproofing


  • Be Prepared For It

Basement waterproofing is an extensive project that can take several days. Depending on the kind of waterproofing you plan to get, it can also be rather intrusive. There’ll be digging, drilling, and heavy equipment involved. 

Because of this, it’s important to be prepared for the entire process. This means that you have to be ready for the noise and mess that will be involved. If this is something that could seriously bother you and your family at home, you might want to consider getting it done over the weekend, or when they’re away.

Still, it’s important to also keep an eye on the process, too. This will help you understand it more and be oversee whatever changes they’re making on your property.

  • Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

As mentioned, when getting the basement inspected, you could ask all kinds of questions. This is extremely important since they’ll be making serious changes in your home. However, asking questions shouldn’t be limited during the inspection or the actual process. 

It’s better to ask questions even when you’re looking for basement waterproofing contractors. Usually, when visiting their websites, they provide you with information on their services. If customers have any questions, they usually have a contact me page where people could send in queries. If not, there might also be listed phone numbers that are available for customer service. 

Before contacting, it’s a good idea to list down your questions. For instance, their price list, services, additional fees, scheduling, location, and past projects would be great questions to ask.



Remember that getting your basement waterproofed is a terrific investment that could protect your home. This is why it’s important to take the time to really look into the contractors and services that you hire. Aside from this, it’s always a good idea to get the basement waterproofed even before any kind of water damage is done.

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