5 Tricks to Make Your Home Cozy and Inviting

Creating an inviting and cozy home space is more than just temperature, although that plays a part, too. Making your space a place where people want to spend time is easy and, in many cases, can be done in a cost-effective way. Try these five tips to instantly warm up a room or your entire home.

1. Curtain Call

This is a dual-purpose concept. Curtains both make space feel more inviting and can keep things warmer by alleviating drafts. Plus, they make a room feel finished in a way that blinds cannot. It makes a room feel embraced and secure. Whether you go with short curtains for a window or long, trailing swag drapes, it will instantly create a cozy atmosphere.

This is also a chance to enliven your color palate. While you may want to stay relatively neutral in your design scheme, choosing a warm color can also make your room feel inviting. Paler shades in the warm family, such as gold or wheat, will instantly pop, without drawing too much attention.

2. Choose Gently Used Wooden Accents

While some may have family heirlooms to display, it isn’t a must. You can easily shop at the second-hand market for gently used wooden furnishings. Wood instantly warms up a room because it appears soft, whether painted or polished. You can choose a bookcase or a coffee table for your space if it’s a bedroom or a living area.

In the kitchen, focus on cabinets, chopping blocks, and other, smaller pieces. If you should be lucky enough to have wooden flooring, make the most of it. Take care of it and keep it clean, so that it shines. If you can’t afford the cost outlay of a larger piece of furniture, you can feel free to accent your space with trays for holding essentials from incense to drink coasters and magazines, pedestals, and nice wooden art frames.


Make Your Home Cozy

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3. Steer Clear of Single, Overhead Light Sources

The single, overhead light is the kiss of death for warmth. While it’s useful when you’re looking for something, there’s a unilateral, flat brilliance about it that destroys intimacy and a sense of coziness. But how can you alleviate this? Everyone needs light, don’t they? Yes. But shadows also play a part in the feeling of a space.

You can create an inviting area by focusing light in task areas, places where people will want to congregate and settle in for a conversation or to read, like islands of brilliance. Choose stand or table lamps and clusters of candles, so shadows can have a part in your design scheme. Make sure there are several spaces within each room that are highlighted by lamps with warm-toned light.

4. Keep a Constant Temperature

Many spaces, especially in older homes and apartments, aren’t well insulated. While this can be alleviated in the summer by opening windows or using a swamp cooler or air conditioner, the winters can be unenjoyable. While some space heaters can effectively heat the air, it still leaves the floors and every surface pretty chilly. You may want to try radiant heat panels.

They warm the solid surfaces in your home via infrared light. Plus, while they must be mounted on a wall, they’re incredibly efficient and heat up space in record time. Plus, because there’s no movement involved in the transfer of heat, it won’t stir up dust, pet dander, and other allergens. When one combines that with the range of materials in which these panels are offered—including mirrors—it makes it an almost irresistible way to bring warmth to your space.


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5. Layer with Rugs

These days, there are rugs for every room in the house, including the kitchen. While you wouldn’t want a permanent carpet in that space, a washable and hypoallergenic rug between you and the cold floor would be lovely on a winter morning. Plus, when you think about it, you don’t have to go with just one to a room. Create conversation islands in an open floor plan by defining them with rugs on the floor and ambient light. You may even do more than one floor covering, such as a Japanese-style reed mat and a differently textured rug.

There are many ways to warm up a room, from the paint choice to the fabric selection. However, these are some of the most practical and cost-effective tips that don’t involve moving furnishings. Try one or more of these tricks and watch how it transforms your space.


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