5 Unique Ideas For Your Walk-In Pantry Redesign Project

Did you know that a walk-in pantry is the most desirable kitchen feature, according to recent surveys? Whether you’re trying to increase your house value or just spruce up your kitchen, a walk-in pantry is a great way to do it.

There are a lot of design choices when it comes to the kitchen and making a modern, useful pantry. It can be overwhelming to even begin! In the spirit of making your pantry redesign stylish and easy, we put together this quick guide.

Read on for the top walk-in pantry ideas for your upcoming project!


1. A Basement Pantry

Unused space is the enemy when it comes to house design. Leaving space unorganized means you’re not taking full advantage of the layout! Many people view their basement as a place to just toss items haphazardly, and never look at them again.

However, you can turn your basement into a pantry space to make it usable. With some shelving and cube storage, you can store vegetables and fruit, drinks, jams, wine, and extra non-perishables!

2. The Cupboard Under the Stairs

Stairs take up a lot of floor space and can cut down on your storage. Use the space under the stairs to make your floor plan work for you.

A few sliding drawers can be added to the area under your stairs so you can maximize storage without taking up more floor space! You can also incorporate a door for a walk-in pantry cupboard!

3. Channel a Wild West Saloon 

Rustic and farm aesthetics are all the rage, especially when it comes to pantries. Nothing says homemade like barn doors.

Consider incorporating swinging doors into your pantry, giving your kitchen a classy but vintage twist! They make your food easy to access but out of sight to keep the food prep zone clean.

4. A Food Library

If you have high ceilings in your kitchen, you can take advantage of the height for food storage. Use some shelving sets and incorporate a ladder on wheels that you can use to get around your kitchen.

This provides a unique bookkeeper vibe that will make your kitchen truly unique!

5. Work With Your Fridge

Your fridge is a large staple in the kitchen so make use of its design to incorporate your kitchen storage.

Get a set of pantry cabinets that frame your fridge. Continue the theme of your fridge to make your pantry match your design. If you have a chrome fridge, consider chrome doors and shelves to complete a modern pantry design.

Revolutionize Your Walk-in Pantry Today

Once you have a storage system in place, it’s easy to follow it and keep your food products well organized. You’ll enjoy a kitchen that’s always in order, a neat food preparation area, and the admiration of your houseguests. In addition, if you’re looking to sell your house down the road, a walk-in pantry, particularly a well-designed and beautiful one, is a great feature.

Start planning your pantry redesign today and reap the benefits!

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