5 Unmistakable Signs You Need to Call a Plumber Today

Plumbing expenses are unexpected by nature, so it’s easy to forget that plumbers are actually in the business of saving customers money by avoiding water-related disasters. While a small faucet leak or minor clog can sometimes be fixed without the need for professional help, there are many occasions when it’s simply safer — and often cheaper — to call a plumber. Here are five common signs that you should call an expert to fix your plumbing system.


1. Frozen Pipes

A busted pipe can easily cost $500 to $2,000 to repair. And that doesn’t include the cost of repairing damage to your home. If the temperature outside is below freezing and water flow to any of your faucets has stopped, you likely have one or more frozen pipes and should call a plumber for frozen pipes.

Tips for preventing frozen pipes include insulating exposed pipes, carefully sealing your garage, and leaving faucets dripping during deep freezes.

2. Fowl-Smelling Odors

If you catch a whiff of something that smells like rotten eggs, you may have a serious sewage issue like a broken sewage pipe. You need to call a plumber. Only a trained plumber can quickly and effectively repair your sewage system before it leads to foundation issues or health-related problems.

Sewage problems should be taken seriously. Visit this website to contact a plumber.

3. Low Water Pressure

Lower water pressure is typically caused by buildup inside one of your pipes or a leak of some kind. Locating the source of the low water pressure requires the expert help of a professional plumber. If your plumber finds a leak, that repair could prevent significant damage to your home and foundation.

4. Toilet Won’t Unclog

Like other things that happen in the bathroom, unclogging a toilet can’t wait. If your handy plunger fails to unclog your toilet, you may have an issue that requires professional fixing. Remember, plumbers have a wide range of specialized tools that can fix any drainage problem. So call a plumber.

5. Bathtub Won’t Drain

That recently renovated bathroom may look chic, but even the trendiest bathtub is useless if it won’t drain properly.

Even a slow drain can be a sign of serious plumbing problems. Your safest bet is to call a plumber immediately. Waiting can mean that the slow drain becomes an outright clog that leaves dirty or contaminated water sitting in your bathroom.

Preventing future bathtub drainage problems is as simple as using a bathtub drain filter (also known as a hair catcher) to collect hair and other debris before it enters your pipes. Occasionally pouring bleach or a combination of baking soda and vinegar (pouring one before the other) can also prevent future clogs.

Don’t Risk Causing a Niagra Falls-Level Emergency. Call a Plumber!

Homes offer ample DIY project opportunities, but plumbing should not be one of them. If you experience any of these signs, you need to call a plumber. Don’t hesitate to call a plumbing professional immediately to fix your drainage problems before they become costly emergencies.

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