5 Waste Disposal Methods for Home Renovation Projects

If you renovate your home, there can be an abundance of waste that builds up as your project progresses. Before you know it, unwanted items and scrap materials fill your home and yard to an unsightly degree.

While it’s your job as the homeowner to dispose of these things responsibly, many are often unaware of how to begin or their waste disposal options.

If you need help eliminating waste, read this guide on 5 waste disposal methods you can use for any home renovation project.


1. Donate the Good Waste

Donating renovation waste, materials, and older items is a great solution for those that can’t rely on constant trips to the local sanitation dumps. Things like old refrigerators, hardware, and old doors may not have made the cut in your project, but they could be perfect for a neighbor or a family member looking to refresh a space.

Plus, it’s eco-friendly and at no cost to you if they pick up the items directly from your front door.

2. Rent a Dumpster

Do you have unusable waste? Demolition debris from old walls and floors is not viable for repurposing and donation, so the only option is to throw it away. But shoveling it into a trash bin and transporting it to a garbage facility can take time and slow down renovation progression.

You can easily avoid the headache by renting a dumpster. Dumpster rental services bring the dumpster to the renovation location and pick it up for waste disposal when you’ve filled it up.


5 Waste Disposal Methods for Home Renovation Projects


3. Consider Savage Shops

Similar to antique stores, salvage shops are a collection of items from those looking to dispose of renovation waste. You’ll often find materials for wood floors, cabinetry, light fixtures, and solid bricks that are sold at a discounted price.

If you’ve kept up with your old cabinet and floor upkeep and have no one to give them to, this is a great option to take them off your hands.

4. Give Waste a New Purpose

Before throwing away your dated home features, you may consider restoring them instead. Features like antique wallpaper and custom lighting may have historical significance that may work with the new aesthetic if restored with the new look.

Consult an interior designer or developer to make sure; they could be worth more than you think.


5 Waste Disposal Methods for Home Renovation Projects


5. Sell Any Unused Materials

If you’re creating a new look, your older, barely used carpets and other materials most likely won’t match the new plans. If they’re in great condition, you can make some money back by selling them.

The condition of items is very important when selling, and you cannot list something as practically new if it shows visible aging and damage. Take the time to go through your waste. Someone doing a similar renovation may be in need of that extra cement you wanted to toss away.


Implement the Best Waste Disposal Methods

There are multiple waste disposal methods you can use to help eliminate renovation clutter. Whether you’re selling or renting a dumpster, it’s important to know what exact materials you’re getting rid of to prevent possible local pollution.

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