5 Ways to Add Rustic Chic to Your Home

Rustic chic is a type of interior decor that somehow remains timeless. Because you are bringing in a decor style from the past, it holds its own in the present and is adaptable for the future.

Rustic decor can be incorporated effectively into any style of home decorating; from classic to contemporary to retro. And it’s applicable to all rooms – from a rustic-chic bathroom to a rustic chic bedroom.

Here are 5 ways you can add this style to your home…


1. Get Shadey

Changing up your lighting is one of the most effective ways to alter the style of your home. By replacing your existing lampshades with new ones, you can transform the look and feel of the room you’re trying to revamp. And going for vintage, quirky lampshades is a great way to inject a feeling of rustic chic into the home.

Go for bell or empire shades, in earthy tones. These shapes are much more traditional than the modern drum or square shades of today. Shop around on vintage websites or at thrift stores for unique, classic styles.

Botanical or floral shades bring a rustic feel to the home, as do stone or wheat tones. The idea of a rural, country feel can also be achieved by shades with birds or fish on them, and Provence Toile de Jouy prints are great for a rustic accent.


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2. Wooden it be Nice?

Placing accents, ornaments, and furnishings in wood around the home is a classic method in achieving a country-style space or Hamptons homes style. Similar to lamps, you can find ornaments and accents in thrift stores or at boutiques, on and offline. Antique stores will also have items like this. Go for a rougher finish to the items so that they truly give off a feel of rusticity. Driftwood or burnt oak or limewood items are ideal for this.

And this doesn’t have to stop with the ornaments. Large furniture items in wood can create an overall farmhouse feel to your home. Items such as dressers, coffee tables, chests, ottomans, accent tables, and china cabinets are great statement pieces that create an overall allure of rustic chic.


5 Ways to Add Rustic Chic to Your Home
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3. The Ceiling’s the Limit

You can use the ceiling as a great way to add rusticity to your home. Add pendant shades to the ceiling light fittings, much like the ones mentioned above. Or go for lantern styles to give a rural, outdoorsy vibe. Farm bells or windchimes are also lovely ways to bring that barn feel indoors and add a new metal finish to your accessories.

If you’re looking to make bigger changes, and you have the height for this, add beams to your home. Nothing says countryside chic like an impressive oak beam stretching from one corner of the ceiling to the other. Also, try out practical items that are also decorative like a farmhouse ceiling fan. This is a great feature item that brings with it rustic charm.


5 Ways to Add Rustic Chic to Your Home
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4. Upholster Bolster

Another effective way to add a whole new feel to a room or an entire home is with your upholstery. Or just adding new fabric accents will do the trick too.

For a bigger budget and a larger transformation, look at new upholstered furnishings. Steer clear of modern shapes and patterns when it comes to selecting new sofas and chairs. You want to go for fabric or perhaps leather. These are far cozier and provide an inviting vibe to your space. Think round items, rather than sharp lines, squares, or rectangular pieces.

In terms of fabrics, avoid velvet and go for cotton or linen. Avoid bright or electric colors, instead opting for neutral and earth tones. Sofas and armchairs with a damask print, or scroll lettering, or botanical detailing will give that rural finish.

If you want to keep your existing furniture, think about reupholstering it.

Or, perhaps you already have neutral furnishings. You can amp up the rustic chic design by adding large plump cushions or vintage throws to them, making things cozier still.

Think also about rugs for the floor. Nothing says farmhouse chic like a stunning hardwood floor and a large statement rug in the center. Just make sure you avoid going too modern again in terms of color and print.

Occasional chairs are also a great way to improve on a space – and are great for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, studies, and hallways.

Placing a one-off feature chair in the corner is a lovely way to mix up your furniture too. And selecting one in a similarly rustic print as mentioned above is very effective.


5 Ways to Add Rustic Chic to Your Home
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5. Outside in…

Fill your home with flowers and plants for a feeling of rustic chic. Doing this brings the outdoors into your home, and that is truly an effective way to add rurality to your property.

However, whether you go for fresh spring flowers, dried reeds, or classic house plants, the real fun can be in selecting the pots and vases to display them in.

If you have a good search around you’re bound to stumble across some stunning unique fines to give a vintage, rustic feel to the home.

Cracked jugs and pots can be used for your plants, while urns and vases in natural hues are great for flowers. You can even veer into metal items for your plant pots – nothing says rustic like rusty.

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Inject Some Rustic Chic Into Your Home

These ideas are bound to steer you in the right direction for incorporating a rustic chic feel into your home. But if you’re looking for more ideas Chique Home Living has a lot more to offer.

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