5 Ways to Care for Your Lawn This Summer: Lawn Care

Let’s face it, summer is fast approaching and when the temperature rises, it can do some damages to your lawn, such as causing thin, unhealthy, and patchy grasses. While summer might be the time of the year we always look forward to, it is also the peak growing season for grasses. This means that your lawn is going to need some more TLC this period. Not only do you have to mow your lawn, but it is also important to give it sufficient water. More attention needs to be paid to your lawn’s lawn’s weed control and soil fertility. This can be an overwhelming task for most people, but don’t fret just yet, because, with a little knowledge under your belt, you will be able to give your lawn all the care it needs all summer long. Here are 5 ways to care for your lawn this summer.


5 Ways to Care for Your Lawn This Summer


1. Dust-Off Your Mower

Perhaps the wet and frosty winter weather was your excuse to completely avoid mowing your lawn. But great news, the temperature is getting warmer and you’re doing to need that noisy guy again. According to bestofmachinery.com, avoid cutting the grasses too short in the summer as it puts a lot of energy into regrowing grass shoots. If you have a pristine lawn, it is best to trim the grass twice a week in summer, and once a week in the spring. This will help keep your lawn free of pests, clutter-free, and beautiful of course.

Make sure you maintain your mower throughout the summer, you will thank yourself later! Ensure that sure the blade is sharp, otherwise, it will most likely make your lawn look brown with the ragged cut. If it’s not sharp, go to the hardware store to get it sharpened by a professional.

2. Water Your Lawn Responsibly

If you want your lawn to remain green and lush throughout the summer, then you have to give it lots of water. If you are in a region where it rains frequently, you might not even need to water your lawn frequently. Lawn watering can use up so much water, especially if you have a big lawn. Instead of using tap water, consider using rainwater- you can use a hose the capture this in a barrel when it rains, and use it to water your lawn in the summer.

There is no need to water your lawn after it rains because while it rains, sufficient water will fall directly onto your lawn. Generally, watering your lawn every 6-10 days should be enough during the hot summer months.

But note, you should only water your lawn once the ground has become dry/ brown, but before the grass turns yellow. Although the grass can turn brown or yellow easily during the summer, this does not necessarily mean the grass dying. It only means that it’s becoming dormant. 

3. Be Generous With Feed

Although applying fertilizer to be lawn is optional, but it can help keep your lawn healthy and lush. Your lawns require more feeding in the hotter periods because it is actively growing. Hence, when preparing your lawn for summer, ensure the soil is moist and consider applying slow-release fertilizer- which can feed your lawn but protect it from the summer heat, once every 6 to 8 weeks.

Use the proprietary summer fertilizer to reduce the growth of weeds and moss and to encourage vigor. Try to apply the fertilizer during cooler times, like the evening or before sunrise, as fertilizers do not work well with too much heat.

4. Remove Moss & Weeds

If you notice slightly inconsistent patches of flowers growing out of your lawn, you will be able to spot lawn weeds. You can do some research online so you will be able to identify different types of weeds. This knowledge might come in handy in case you are dealing with something persistent or invasive on your lawn.

Always remember to apply the appropriate weed killer before mowing your lawn. This will not only make the job easier but will also help you identify areas with damages, as weeds are easier to spot when the grass has been allowed to grow out for a while.

In addition, avoid mowing your lawn right after applying the weed killer. Ideally, You should wait for a day or two for the weed killer to spread throughout the entire weed.

5.Limit Traffic on Your Lawn 

Pets, workers, vehicles, or kids can damage the structure of the turf plant by stepping on it, wearing it brown, and finally turning it to bare dirt. It’s okay to let your kids play on your lawn, after all, it’s summer!  But keep a lookout for heavy traffic as they can cause some damages to the structure of your lawn and make it more at risk of sun damages. Also, make sure there is little or no traffic on damaged areas, it is best to keep those spots off-limits till they recover.

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