5 Ways to Enhance Your Curb Side Appeal

No matter the era of your home, curb side appeal can make it stand out in your neighborhood.

Curb appeal is all about making your front yard an attractive introduction to your property. It’s especially crucial if you’re looking for a buyer. It increases showings and boosts selling value. According to the Remodeling Impact Report 2018, 94% of real estate professionals recommend improving curb appeal before putting a house on the market.

Curb appeal doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Small, thoughtful changes can make a significant impact. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of doable curb appeal strategies from some of our favorite properties for your inspiration.


1. Landscape for Beauty and Value

Landscaping is a surefire way of enhancing curb side and buyer appeal. According to the National Association of Realtors, a landscaped curb adds up to 7% to a home’s potential value.

However, landscaping shouldn’t overwhelm your yard. Stick to maximizing yard attributes that require minimal maintenance for you and prospective buyers. Here are some great tips to get your project spot on:

  • Consider size. While the geometry of your lawn is an important consideration, the size of the house is the critical puzzle piece. Your home’s design and architecture can be a gold standard for setting up your garden. For example, a minimalist curb will complement a medium-sized Scandinavian home. But, it might not sit well with a farmhouse-style cottage.
  • Consider landscaping for curb appeal and beauty. Some trees, such as the Kwanzan Cherry Tree, produce show-stopping pink blossoms and require minimal maintenance.
  • Use big plantings. Large plants turn heads and make people notice. However, make sure they don’t cover important architectural features, such as windows and doors. Some examples of great outdoor houseplants are Butterfly Bush, Coral Honeysuckle, Thuja Green Giant, and Privet.
  • Take proportions into account. If you have a large, encompassing property, small plants may not work. Rows of shrubs and other plant groupings will provide a fuller and healthier look.


5 Ways to Enhance Your Curb Side Appeal


2. Pressure Wash to Deep Clean

Entryways and walkaways accumulate dirt and grime fast. These spots require deep cleaning treatment with a pressure washer to make your home neat and shiny.

The two most popular types of consumer washers are:

  • Gas-powered washers: Sturdier and noisy and require more maintenance and care. On occasion, you might even have to take them to a repair store for tuning.
  • Electric Washers: Perfect for low-key heavy-duty work and much cheaper (a price tag anywhere from 100-250$). However, they take up more power and shoot up your electric bill.

Whatever your choice it’s essential to understand the challenges and dangers of pressure washing. Pressuring washers are heavy-duty machines and may cause accidents if handled with neglect. If you’re not confident, it’s better to hire a professional pressure washer for best results.


3. Address the Lighting for Highlighting and Safety 

Outdoor lighting can illuminate the golden features of your home at night. Solar lights hanging from the front door or colorful fairy lights lining the windows bring out the best of your house. Here are some great lighting ideas for inspiration:

  • Energy-efficient lighting. LEDs and halogen incandescent bulbs are great eco-conscious choices. These enhance your property’s value and establish your position as a progressive and forward-thinking homeowner. The best part: LEDs can last 18 years!
  • Guided Entryway: The front door is your final chance to make an impression, at least from the outside. Fluorescent lights for plants besides the walkaway and stylish wall lights aimed at the front door create a welcoming atmosphere. This type of lighting is also essential for safety reasons. It helps you distinguish between a visitor and an intruder.
  • Post lights: Post lights are another welcome addition to your curb. Solar-powered lamp posts at the edge of your walkway can be the cherry on your curb appeal cake.


5 Ways to Enhance Your Curb Side Appeal


4. Do the Lawn to Go Green 

Lawn care is a massive part of curb appeal. It’s’ something that needs your constant and undivided attention. Regularly pull weeds, mow the grass, rake the mulch, and water down to prevent bald brown spots.

Keeping your lawn evergreen can be challenging. However, there are things you can do to keep it nice and green year-round. Plant Alberta spruce, petunia, or any other potted perennial plants that add a rich pop of green. Just make sure you wear gloves before potting. Some trees and plants are delicate and require hand protection.

5. Install a Mailbox to Make a Statement

Mailboxes are one of the cheapest ways of decorating your garden.

The mailbox’s size will depend on your needs and preferences. If you’re someone who gets larger packages, then a bigger mailbox will be the better choice. However, if you’re installing a mailbox merely for aesthetics, a smaller one will make a better statement.

Your choice of mailbox depends on you and your property’s personality. When selecting a hanging mailbox, choose one that looks good with the green of your front yard. You can also paint the mailbox to complement the paint of your property’s exterior. Choose light, neutral color schemes that make your home look easy on the eyes.

Circling the mailbox with a flower bed or tossing a wreath over its arm are also great decorative ideas.


Final Thoughts

The best way to approach curb appeal is to understand your property. When you’re familiar with the shapes, geometry, and conditions of your yard, you’re best placed to plan its curb appeal.

Adding curb side appeal is a great way of increasing the value of your property. Small changes can make a big difference in the overall appeal, and eventual selling price of your property. When planning to sell your house these adjustments will be important to consider. Another thing that will help you throughout the sale process is employing an expert property valuer to complete a valuation of your property. By having an accurate market value, you will ensure that all property and sale-related decisions you make are backed by quality advice.


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