5 Ways to Enhance Your Front Entry

Your front entryway is the first thing you set your eyes on when you get home. It’s also what leaves your home’s first impression on guests. A striking front entryway also makes it easy to market your property when looking for a buyer. Read on for five ways to enhance your front entryway and give your home an inviting first impression. Read on for five ways by the top architects from Dublin to enhance your front entryway and give your home an inviting first impression.


1.   Make your front door distinctive

Your front door is the focal point of your home’s front yard, and replacing it can bring a dramatic transformation to your home. Architects and designers the world over suggest matching the front door design with the home’s general style. Doors Plus have an endless catalogue of vintage and modern doors on their website, which you can check out if you’re undecided on the type of door you want.

2.   Reconstruct the pathway to your front door

Whether you’re installing an entirely new walkway or upgrading an existing one, having a clearly-defined pathway can complement your front door in a way plain front yard grass cannot. It can be a simple, straight walkway or a curvy, smooth-weaving one, depending on the distance between the street and your front door. You can also use the Intimacy Gradient if you want a more sequential design.


5 Ways to Enhance Your Front Entry


3.   Install lighting

Front entry lighting is a vital piece of outdoor décor that calls for careful consideration before installation. If you currently have an overhead ceiling light, adding two surface-mounted lanterns on either side of the door can bring forth lighting uniformity by eliminating shadows.

If you are doing a lighting overhaul, take the time to find a perfect combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting based on the artwork and special architectural features on your front entrance.

4.   Add a front porch

A small porch outside your front door can prove just as beautiful and useful as expansive patios and decks. A front porch is fairly cheaper to build and occupies less space since it is a literal extension to the main house. A good porch should be spacious, well-furnished, and complementary to your home’s décor.

The roofing and railings should be structurally similar to the section of the house the porch extends from, and the paint should harmonize with the rest of the décor. If needed, consider repainting the entire façade of your house for a more uniform shade.

5.   Spread a new layer of gravel

Gravel on patios, walkways, and driveways sinks and shifts over time, leaving behind unsightly patches of bare ground. These patches will turn into muddy puddles during fall and make it difficult to manoeuvre your front yard. If your gravel coating is less than an inch deep or you start noticing patches of soil outside your front door, make a point of topping it off with 1 to 3 inches of fresh gravel before the rainy season.



These four tips should give you a place to start if you’re looking to give your front entry a facelift. For aesthetic evenness, make a point of studying the existing structures and décor before implementing any new idea.


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