5 Ways to Keep Mosquitos Away and Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space This Summer

Summer is here, and it’s time to enjoy our outdoor living areas. Although just like warmth and sunshine, summer also brings mosquitos. These pests can make it hard to enjoy our outdoor time and leave us itchy.

However, there are ways to repel these pesky bugs from your patio and gardens. We’ve put together this list of 5 ways to keep mosquitos away to help you make the most of summer.


1. Remove Standing Water 

Mosquitos breed in still water including forgotten buckets and pots, unchanged birdbaths, and puddles. Removing these sources of standing water can help reduce the number of mosquitos around your home.

Fill in any areas that regularly pool water when it rains, and be sure your gutters are properly cleaned and maintained. You should also be sure to change the water in your birdbaths every few days. Check behind sheds and garages for forgotten buckets or flower pots that may have collected some water.

2. Plants 

There are certain plants that can help repel mosquitos away from your area. Marigolds, Geraniums, Citronella, and Rosemary can all help repel mosquitos. This method is very attractive and can add aesthetic value to your outdoor spaces as well.

3.  Mosquito Netting 

Mosquito netting isn’t just for beds. It can be used around patios and seating areas in gardens. Netting can make it impossible for mosquitos and other pests to get into your space.

Not all mosquito nets have to look plain and dreary. They can be quite stylish like the ones found at www.bambulah.com/square-bed-canopies/.

4. Candles and Torches

Citronella is an excellent way to repel mosquitos. You can get citronella candles in nearly any style you can imagine helping match your style and stay comfortable.

Garden torches are another option. They can be filled with citronella fuel and when lit can keep mosquitos away from your whole garden.

5. Bug Zappers and Lanterns 

Today’s technology gives us a great advantage for pests control. Bugs typically see cooler light, which is why these lanterns and bug zappers usually feature blue lights. It attracts the bugs and then kills, them keeping them from bothering you.

This method should only be used as a last resort, however. As it can kill beneficial bugs that pollinate plants and eat mosquitos and others pests as well.

Keep Mosquitos Away For Good 

Being proactive and keeping your yard cut and trees and bushes trimmed is another great way to control pest populations. Be sure to take care of any standing water that you notice as soon as possible to interrupt their breeding patterns. Also, be sure to install fountains or water pumps into any ponds or other water features.

We hope these tips help you keep mosquitos away from your summer activities. Be sure to share these tips on social media with your friends and family. We also have other great articles like this on our blog be sure to check them out before you go.



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