5 Ways to Make the Most Out of a Long Distance Friendship

No matter where you live, you can always stumble upon valuable friendships that are worth keeping for a lifetime. But in some scenarios, these friendships can turn to long-distance due to a variety of reasons.

Regardless of the cause behind the distance, it’s important that you stay committed to nurturing your friendship. With a bit of care here and some effort there, you can ensure that your bond transcends cities, countries, and even continents.

To help you through this seemingly challenging process, here are five ways to make the most out of a long-distance friendship. These tips help you strengthen your bond with your friend and ensure that you two are there for each other when you need it the most.


1. Speak the Language of Flowers

Whether your friendship has transformed into a long-distance challenge due to moving out of your hometown or disassembling after college, it’s important that you continue to show your affection for each other. This holds true for occasions of joy and grief alike, where unwavering support can boost your emotional health.

That is where the action to send flowers through online vendors comes into the picture. From bouquets to plants and everything in between, you can choose among a variety of available options. Since these services come with fast delivery features, they allow you to show your friend that you are there for them every step of the way.


njknjk Long Distance Friendship


2. Watch a Movie Together

Watching movies with your friend is a simple yet engaging activity that allows you to make some pleasant memories together. But when you live in different cities or countries, planning a trip to the cinema is not possible. With the help of a streaming watch party service, you can achieve this feat through virtual movie outings instead.

This allows you to watch childhood classics, the latest blockbusters, and even cheesy flicks together. From there, you can dial them via a video call or phone call and continue your running commentary like if you were sitting next to each other. This goes a long way towards making the most out of your distance.


5 Ways to Make the Most Out of a Long Distance Friendship


3. Schedule Weekly Video Calls

Your video calls don’t have to be limited to movie nights. Instead, you can schedule these sessions as often as you want or when you need things to do during your free time. In any case, you should make it a point to do so at least once a week. This helps you catch up with each other regularly and ensures that neither of you feels out of touch.

By using a video call platform, you can maintain the feeling of being right by each other’s side at your own convenience. Since many of these apps also come with instant messaging features, this gives you all the tools to stay connected through a single solution.


5 Ways to Make the Most Out of a Long Distance Friendship


4. Play Online Games Together

Whether you enjoy video games or harbor a love for board games, you can take that approach online and enjoy your favorite titles with your friend. This allows you to enjoy lighthearted and fun times together, even if you happen to be thousands of miles apart.

Many video games come with multiplayer capabilities, making it easy for you to stay in touch during playtime. This also holds true for popular mobile games. But if you are trying to go the classic games route, you can hop onto your preferred video call service to play a quick game of charades, checkers, or chess.


mklmk Long Distance Friendship


5. Hold a Drinking Night

If you and your friend are not opposed to alcohol, you can also put together a drinking night. Simply order liquor online, and drink the night away while catching up with each other on video. You don’t necessarily have to share the same drinks. However, if you want to harmonize in that way, you can.

For instance, if you like wine or whiskey, you can open a bottle from the same brand and year at your respective homes. From there, it is just a matter of giving a toast or simply drinking to your heart’s desire. Just make sure that you drink responsibly, especially if you live alone.

These tips can help you make the most out of your long-distance friendship while also letting you put together countless unforgettable memories. This ensures that even if you see each other in person after a few years, you never feel apart due to the distance itself.


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