5 Ways to Make Your Next Family Party More Fun: Fun Party Ideas

Your family party is around the corner, and your family members have appointed you as the planner. You do not have a problem with this role because you love bringing your loved ones together for a unique event.

Firstly, to ensure everything goes smoothly you’ll want to grab one of these printable planner templates, which will help you to stay on-top of all the different parts of the party.

However, you want to spruce things up this time, but you do not know where to start. Do not worry! With these tricks, you can reinvent the event and organize a party your relatives will never forget. Here are five ways to make your next family party more fun.


1. Do Your Decorations

Instead of incurring costs to decorate the venue, consider doing your own. By making your decorations, you will not only show off your creativity but also reduce costs. However, please do not do it alone; ask your parents, siblings, and children to assist you.

Doing these decorations offers an opportunity to create new and unique memories and engage all your senses. As a result, everyone will feel a sense of meaning, purpose, and accomplishment, enhancing overall health and wellbeing. Additionally, it will boost everybody’s mood moments before the big event.

2. Play An Icebreaker

Although this event unites immediate and extended family members, you and your children might meet several new faces you have never seen before. Thus, you have to ensure all family members feel comfortable enough to interact with each other throughout the day, so begin your things off with an icebreaker.

For example, you can have each family member write down an interesting fact about themselves on a bingo sheet’s square immediately they arrive. Then, you can have your loved ones move around and talk to each other to identify who matches every block.

Make Your Next Family Party More Fun


3. Organize a Food Bar

Although a party becomes fun when every attendee shows off their culinary creativity, you can slightly change this tradition. Instead of having your loved ones bring a cluster of random dishes, you can organize a themed food bar. For example, you can set up a customize-a-hot-dog bar, where you offer the dogs and ordinary condiments.

However, you can have other family members bring their favorite meals – their state’s traditional foods or a combo they have previously prepared and named. You can have them get their most preferred dishes, such as bacon chili, peach salsa, or buffalo chicken dip. Besides, arrange some seats near the barbeque to include the cooking in the fun activities. Additionally, you can have good music playing to set a perfect tone and energy for the event.

4. Offer Activities and Something Unique For Your Loved Ones

Providing only food and music does not make a party exciting. You can constantly offer something unique and entertaining, which your loved ones will remember far beyond that one day. To productively utilize your time together, you can plan some unique and fun family competition activities and games.

For example, you can:

– Host a talent show.  Although this activity seems nerdy, it will boost your loved one’s mood for the occasion.

– Play guess who? You can have everyone come with old photos, especially the old ones that you think family members will not recognize the hairdo and faces, then stick them on a wall.

– Include a scavenger hunt. You can form small groups and give each group a list of things to snap using cameras and see who can capture the most items in the given time.

– Driveway/ sidewalk chalk art. This activity can turn into something enjoyable for children and adults. You can buy a box of sidewalk chalk from your local craft store.

5. Set Up a Photo Booth

If you want an easy technique to capture new memories without hiring a photographer, set up a photo booth. Find a photo booth for sale and set it up in an area at the venue where you can hang a colored piece of cloth as the background, then set up a camera and tripod to capture images automatically.

Ask your guests to take some pictures with other family members they rarely see. Ensure to make the camera accessible to everyone, including older family members. By doing so, you will have your guest take silly Facebook and Instagram pictures all night. After the event, you can upload the pictures on various social media platforms and share them with your family members.

Family parties enable you to appreciate your other family members and connect as a family. So often, in your busy life, you lack time to come together and enjoy yourself as a family. As a result, they grow older, children grow up, and suddenly life passes, and you end up not spending as much time with your loved ones as you would have wanted. Host family get-togethers to show your relatives how much they mean to you.





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