5 Ways to Save Money Around the House

You may have recently bought a new home. However, between maintenance and mortgage, as well as your utility bills, you may find that owning a home can make things a bit tough on your savings. Don’t worry—take a look at these few changes you can make to save money around your home:


Save on water

If you recently bought your home, you may be looking at landscaping options. While you’re shopping around for the perfect lawn care and landscaping company, research options for water efficient landscaping.

From installing concrete pathways and patios to using plants and flora that are able to thrive in dry and hot places, you can avoid having to use gallons of water simply to keep your yard looking great. A top landscaper will know how to create a lush and green environment that is also environmentally friendly.

Think about your lighting

An area that uses a lot of energy and could be racking up your electricity bills may be the lighting in your home. The good news is that energy-efficient light bulbs are pretty easy to find, whether you shop at Home Depot or like to order online from sites like 1000 Bulbs.

Apart from installing energy-efficient lighting, you’ll also want to make sure that you’re only using lights when needed. If you have skylights in your home or big windows, you may find that you don’t even need lights in the daytime, when there’s plenty of light to do what you need to do. If you have children, encourage them to turn off their lights whenever they’re not at home.


Save Money Around the House


Upgrade your doors

If you find that your home just never feels warm or cool enough, even though you have your thermostat where you want it, take a look at your doors. You could consider updating your home with doors that are designed to keep the air in, whether you’re heating your home in the winter or cooling it down in the summer. While a new eco-friendly door may mean an initial investment, it could save you money for years to come.

Adjust thermostats

If you’re a multiple-person household, it can be difficult to keep the thermostat at one temperature, since different people have different body temperatures. However, keeping your air conditioner too low in the summer or too high in the winter can result in a high electricity bill that you simply won’t feel great paying. Not only that, but it’s not good for the environment. You can still set the thermostat at a comfortable temperature, just try not to overdo it.

Use your dishwasher

This is a controversial one, as many of us grew up with parents who asked us to hand wash dishes to save money on using the dishwasher. However, in this day and age, dishwashers are designed with water-conserving practices in mind.

While you may be using some electricity to use it, you’ll be saving on water, as many people leave the water running while washing dishes. If you’re a larger household, this can mean a lot of water goes down the drain, as well as money. Of course, make a point of not running the dishwasher until it’s full of dishes, so you don’t use it more often than absolutely needed.

In Conclusion

Saving money on your monthly bills is also a great way to care about the environment and practice sustainable practices. These above-mentioned tips can help you minimize your energy usage, which in turn, will result in money saved. Conserving energy and water in your home is a win-win for everyone.


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