5 Ways to Save on Energy Costs This Summer

How to Save the Planet and Your Bank Account at the Same Time. 

No matter what season you’re experiencing, it always seems like the cost of energy to enjoy your home really eats away at your budget. If you’re tired of expensive utility bills and low funds, then you need to read our 5 tips on how to save on energy costs this summer.

5 Ways to Save on Energy Costs This Summer

1. Maximize the Use of Natural Light

Don’t go pulling your thermal blackout curtains closed just yet, because there is a way to cut energy costs and let the light in, literally!

High-quality window tint film can filter out 99 percent of harmful UV Rays blasting through your windows. Not only does this reduce the heat coming into your home, it protects your interior furnishings, too. You can install a crystal clear window tint to maximize natural light, or go for a darker shade to achieve more privacy.

To learn more about how to choose the right shade and style of window tint for your home, just search “window tinting near me,” and schedule an appointment with a professional.

2. Seal Air Leaks

Of course, you’re going to want to seal off leaks around your windows and doors, but there are three other places most homeowners miss: the gaps in your attic floor, cracks around exterior fixtures and wiring, and your air ducts.

Sealing every crack and gap is essential to lowering your energy costs. In fact, your home can lose between 25 to 40 percent of its heating and cooling energy through air leaks. When you’re looking for air leaks around your home, don’t forget to check your attic, and around places like outdoor lighting fixtures and where wires enter your home.

It’s a good idea to have an HVAC expert inspect your ductwork, too. Almost 20 percent of air leaks can be found in your ducts. The longer you wait to have them repaired, the worse they will get, and the more energy you will waste.

3. Switch to Energy Efficient Lighting

Cheap incandescent bulbs seem like an easy way to provide lighting in your home, but they actually end up costing you in the long-run. That’s because they cost up to 10 times more to operate than what you originally paid for the bulb itself.

LED and CFL bulbs are the best energy-efficient lighting solution for any kind of home. They last up to 25 times longer than an incandescent bulb. Plus, you can even purchase smart bulbs that work with your virtual assistant.

Set the mood by choosing from hundreds of different colors, dim the lights to create ambiance, or just tell your voice assistant to turn all the lights off from the comfort of your bed. Who knew saving energy could be so luxurious?

4. Install a Smart Thermostat

Replacing your old thermostat with a programmable smart thermostat stops your HVAC from overworking. That’s because you can set a narrower comfort level, which allows your HVAC system to operate with precision.

Smart thermostats can also “learn” your routine, and automatically adjust the temperature to your usual routine. That means you never have to worry about adjusting your thermostat before you go to work, when you’re ready to go to bed, or when it’s time to wake up.

There are smart thermostats that work with every budget, but not with every HVAC unit. Before you pay for a high-end thermostat, make sure it’s compatible with your system.

5. Power Down Your Equipment

These days, we need a lot of electronics to make it through the day. From charging your cell phone to microwaving popcorn, you consume energy for almost everything. Shutting down and unplugging electronics and appliances you’re not using is a great way to save on energy costs.

For instance, things like unplugging your microwave when you’re not using it, shutting down your computer at the end of the day, and ony using lights when you need them can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

While you’re looking for things to turn off and unplug, also determine when the most energy is used during the day in your area. Your electric rates are usually higher during this time. By only charging your electronics during off-peak hours, you can cut down the cost of your electric bill.


Ultimately, Your Energy Savings Are in Your Own Hands

From installing a window tint on your home to simply unplugging your phone charger, you need to be the one who engages in activities that lower your energy consumption.

Start with our simple tips on lowering your energy costs, and you’ll be well on your way to saving the planet – and your bank account.


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