5 Wonderfully Odd Ideas for a Girl’s Night in at Home

A night out on the town with friends can be a lot of fun. But staying in can be fun too. There are many reasons to stay home and avoid large crowds these days. The stress of day-to-day life, and the concerns in the news that seem to find you everywhere, can wreak havoc on your mental health.

Everyone needs a break from hard work and hustle culture. There’s nothing like spending time with friends to relax and have fun in a safe environment. Your free time is precious, and getting together to do something different can make it more memorable for everyone. Here are five great, but arguably odd, ideas to have fun with the girls without leaving your home.


Painting on the Patio

You may have been to a painting class or party. They are fun to do as a group, and you usually leave with a surprisingly decent painting to hang on your wall. But you can experience more fun and fellowship in a new way by painting with your friends at home. It may sound a little regular compared to actually going to the class and sipping wine, but if you’re creative with it, you will impress your friends and enhance their experience.

You’ll need to set up a painting station with all the supplies you will need. There’s nothing like painting outside at night. You and your friends can sit on the porch or patio and sip homemade cocktails while freestyling with paint on the canvas. If you prefer to be a bit more structured with your painting, you can have an artist come to your home to show you how to paint something worthy to hang up in your house.

The fresh air outside can get your creative juices flowing, so it makes for a lot of fun. You can do a theme for the paint night to make it more interesting. But be sure to provide lots of lighting so you can see each other’s art.

5 Wonderfully Odd Ideas for a Girl’s Night in at Home


 Cooking Contest in the Kitchen

There’s always fun where food is involved. Cooking with your friends can be a night full of laughter, but you can take it up a notch by adding some friendly competition. You may have cooked with your friends before, especially in college. If you know each other well enough, you probably know each other’s strengths and weaknesses when cooking.

When you cook together in groups, it helps form and strengthens your relationships. Cooking classes are popular among friends, but you can also enjoy the experience from the comfort of your home. You can add to the fun by having a contest or cook-off. Once you decide what to cook, you’ll need to choose one or two people to judge the dishes. You can even mimic your favorite cooking show and get ready to eat and make memories.

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Stargazing in the Backyard

The best time to stargaze is on a clear night during fall or spring. If you want to stay home and do something different, you can have a night of relaxation. You can end a long hard week on a good note by hanging out with your close friends in the backyard with a star party.

You can get a couple of bottles of wine and lay out some blankets to have deep conversations while gazing at the stars. You can also get really crazy and have toasted marshmallows while searching for the North Star. There’s nothing like telescopes and copper fire pits to turn a regular night into a star party for the whole gang.

5 Wonderfully Odd Ideas for a Girl’s Night in at Home


Fun Photography Session

Selfies are popular but it’s not as much fun to be in a picture by yourself. You’ve probably taken several pictures with your friends. It might not sound like much to have a night of taking pictures. But you can accomplish a lot from a photography session with the ladies. You can make the night as silly or as professional as you want. You can include wardrobe changes and take turns being the photographer.

If you need a new headshot for your website or a profile picture for your social media page, you can get it all done in one night. If you want to add a little spice to the night, you can make interesting photo frames or create a backdrop together and then practice some fun poses. Whether you take pictures with frames or candid shots in the bathroom for the good lighting, you’ll all have a keepsake to remind you of the fun.

5 Wonderfully Odd Ideas for a Girl’s Night in at Home

Make a Music Video

Get your friends together for a chance to be celebrities for a night. Another way to enjoy a fun night at home is to dance the night away. But you can add a special touch by learning a choreographed dance together. Once you’ve got the dance routine down, you can set up a camera or use your smartphone to record the whole thing with the music of your choice.

Dancing is like cooking in terms of creating bonds and breaking the ice. Depending on how skilled you and your friends are, you may need to work on the routine several times before it’s ready to record, but you’ll have hilarious stories to share once the final product is done.

Final Thoughts

Everyone needs a night out with friends after a long and hard week. There are many reasons you might choose to stay in and have a girl’s night at home. If you want to relax and have fun while trying something new, you have several options.

You can set up painting on your porch or patio, a cooking contest, or a star party in your backyard. You can also have a photography session or have fun recording a music video. You’ll have fun creating memories and trying new things with people you love.


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