5 Yard Maintenance Tips to Add More Curb Appeal

Looking for beautifying your home this summer? You don’t have to be one of the six million homeowners who purchased a new home last year to look into investing in some curb appeal.

With summer on the horizon, we’re here to share five-yard maintenance tips that’ll make your home and lawn spring to life. From landscaping to lawn care, let’s begin.


1. Declutter the Porch and Front Yard

No matter where you live, the winter weather often takes a toll on front yards. Put away any children’s toys or tools that may have been buried beneath snow or leaves.

Hopefully, this is self-explanatory, but take down the holiday decorations at this point. Even if every day should be like Christmas, you’ll be glad to set things up once that season starts again.

Next, check those planters and flower pots. If they are cracked to the point of being non-functional, get rid of them.

Finally, check your lawn decorations. Have too many flamingoes or gnomes found themselves strewn about the yard? Put them in their appropriate places (if your yard has such a spot) and put the rest away.

2. Refresh Your Front Patio and Door

A powerwash and some paint can do wonders for a home’s curb appeal. Each home is different, so determine which modern or traditional colors work best for the entryway to your home.

Make sure your siding is intact. If there are small patches of siding where paint is chipping, try and touch them up. If larger areas need paint, it may be wise to invest in a professional who can update your entire home’s aesthetic.

Next, check your porch. Odds are it could use a good power washing too. Clear each step so that the dirt stays in the garden and not on your walkway.

Finally, if your welcome mat or light fixtures are worn and dated, consider replacing them with newer, more vibrant options. It’ll help guests as they come and go, and keep extra dirt out of your home.


Add More Curb Appeal


3. Yard Maintenance

There’s always something that needs to be worked on in the yard. Lawns need trimming, gardens need new topsoil, and even xeriscaped yards require some de-weeding and fresh mulch.

Start with removing large objects such as fallen twigs and branches, and work your way down the priority list.

Depending on the size of your yard, this may take a while. Absolute Lawn Care Service can assist, with doing the dirty work and sprucing up your yard in no time at all.

4. Invest in Landscaping

New landscaping can really alter the vibe of your front yard. Here are just a few ideas to spruce it up.

  • Add a pond, fountain, or water feature to the front yard
  • Add a stepping-stone pathway to your front door from the sidewalk
  • Add raised garden beds

Bonus points for any lighting that accents these new pieces! LEDs and solar-powered walkway lights go a long way to keeping your home safe and stylish. If this task seems daunting to you, you can also opt to work with experts in landscaping to handle your landscaping. They can provide a plan on how to make your yard have more appeal and how to maintain it. 

5. Prune Planters, Trees, and Bushes

Bushes and trees will grow and expand, damaging fences and plots alike. Trimming them makes your yard look far more sophisticated and keeps these plants where you want them to be.

For bushes, you can get fancy with it cutting them into shapes or styles if you’ve always wanted your own lush front yard paradise.

Make Your Yard Dazzle

Go forth and use these tips to make your yard the picture of splendor it could be. While it differs from yard to yard the exact amount of effort needed, the truth is a healthy amount of yard maintenance can make everything change.

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