6 Best Smart Home Automation Ideas

In today’s day and age, technology has been adopted in various places or industries. Technology helps to improve the efficiency of processes and also to improve the quality of work done. One aspect of life that has shown the embracement of technology is the home automation sector.

Home automation entails using modern computing devices and sensors to automate various functions in a house. Home automation also gives a homeowner the ability to keep track of home conditions when on the go. It can be done via the platforms offered by the automation devices. 


6 Best Smart Home Automation Ideas


Initially, home automation entailed devices for temperature control. Currently, home automation has evolved into highly complex functions.

Home automation offers several benefits to a homeowner. Some of the benefits include:

  • Improved home security
  • Reduced energy consumption and increased energy efficiency
  • Better house appliance functionality
  • House insights

Every homeowner should look forward to enjoying the benefits tied to home automation. If you are a homeowner, this article is for you. We highlight the best smart home automation ideas to ensure your home becomes a peaceful resort for you. 


1. Smart Lighting

The most used application of home automation technology is smart home lighting. Smart home lighting uses supported lighting devices synced to one’s mobile phone or personal computer.

Smart lighting allows a homeowner to turn off or turn on house lights with just a few clicks. These devices also follow voice commands.

However, the feature is not limited to that only. There are more advanced lighting features one can reap from smart home lighting. 

For bulbs that support it, smart lighting can allow a homeowner to change the hue of lights or even the color and warmth. This feature is often recommended, especially at night, to ensure that eye strain due to lighting conditions does not happen.

When looking to delve into smart lighting for your home, you should first decide on the smart device management platform that you will use. If, for instance, you decide that you will use Apple HomeKit to manage your devices, all smart appliances that you buy should offer support for the platform.


6 Best Smart Home Automation Ideas


2. Smart Door

Smart doors are recommended due to the increased home security that they provide. Smart doors use video cameras linked to the management platforms through networking. 

The video camera integrated with smart door devices records all activities outside your door. This offers improved security by allowing the homeowner to go through door footage and analyze who went into the house. 

For improved clarity and resolution, you can opt to choose among the best video camera and integrate them into your smart door with a wifi enabling kit. This will allow you to see live footage from the door from any location as long as you are connected to the internet.

Some smart doors also allow the homeowner to see house guests seeking entry, and the owner can grant them entry from their device. Once the owner grants entry, the smart door automatically unlocks, and the house guests can enter. 


6 Best Smart Home Automation Ideas


3. Home Appliances Management

Home appliances such as fridges, televisions, microwaves, and ovens are now being developed with smart capabilities. These smart home appliances offer homeowners the ability to use and manage them virtually.

A good example is smart fridges. Smart fridges use modern technologies to analyze the fridge contents and then send shopping notifications to the homeowner. The smart fridges also have cameras. The cameras allow the homeowner to see inside the fridge, note what is missing, and purchase it. 

Microwaves can also send notifications to the owner’s mobile device when a meal is being cooked. They can also offer live insights into the process such as temperature in the microwave, progress of the cooking, and the like.

Home appliance management is a feature that is gradually growing into the most adopted component of smart homes.


6 Best Smart Home Automation Ideas


4. Curtain Opener Systems

Getting woken up by a beautiful sunrise while in bed is an experience that most people wish for. However, this has been impossible since one had to get off the bed to open the curtains.

Curtain blinders come in to offer a solution to this. Curtain opener systems are linked to curtain rods. A user can set automated periods for opening or closing the curtains based on their preference. 

For homeowners looking to experience the sunrise while in bed, purchasing a curtain opener will help them live that dream. 


6 Best Smart Home Automation Ideas


5. Smart Temperature Control

A cozy home is not only constituted of good furnishing but also creates an ideal living condition for people. A critical factor that constitutes an ideal living condition is temperature control. In the past, regulating the temperature in a house was often a task that involved a lot of manual labor.

With the advent of smart temperature control systems, the task has been reduced to the click of a button. It is because smart temperature control systems are linked to a house’s heating and cooling devices.

The smart temperature control device allows the user to set an optimum house temperature. In a robust system, the user can even set the optimum temperature for individual rooms. Once the optimum temperature is set, the device ensures that the temperature stays within that range.

If the house temperature falls below the optimum level, the temperature control device starts the house heating system. If the temperature goes above the set optimum temperature, the smart temperature control device starts the air ventilation system in the house to cool it down.


6 Best Smart Home Automation Ideas


6. Smart Watering Systems

Maintaining a lawn or garden can be tough. It is a hard task, especially in the summer when watering is required. This hustle can be alleviated with the use of smart watering systems.

Smart watering systems are connected to watering hoses that are already structured and distributed in the garden or lawn.

The smart watering systems allow the user to set watering schedules. The system automatically initiates watering during the predetermined watering periods. 


When looking to automate your home, it is good practice to choose smart automation devices that link to similar smart device management platforms. The ability to manage your smart devices on one platform offers a seamless automation experience for the user.

When choosing automation devices, you should seek expert help. Several devices do the same function in the market. These devices can make a homeowner struggle to choose one over the other. Having a specialist to help will ensure you get the best experience with your smart home.

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