6 Biggest Dating Trends to Expect in 2021: New UK Dating Predictions

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It’s safe to say 2020 has been one heck of a year. Another lockdown has been placed in the UK yet again and this has made it more daunting for many singles to find a potential partner. During the first lockdown, the House Party App with friends and Zoom call with dates were fun but this novelty soon wore off. As the dating scenery has shifted, Experts have made some predictions of how lockdown 2.0 will affect dating in 2021 including ‘slow burn’ romance and outdoor dates. Here, we’ve put together the 6 biggest dating trends to expect in 2021.

dating Trends to Expect in 2021


Experts have predicted that most people are likely to move in swiftly with the partners even after the lockdown lessens in 2021. This is, however, not unexpected, most people have had to deal with being alone or without a companion throughout the lockdown. Before moving in with a partner, make sure you’re making the right decision, don’t rush into shacking up out of convenience as this could have a negative impact on your relationship in the long run.


In 2020, there were more outdoor dates like never before and experts predict they are here to stay. Wilder-dating will see couples go on a socially distanced walk or run in the park, sailing, hiking, motorboating, and engage in other outdoor recreational activities.

Borderless love

The pandemic has no doubt made us more open to online dating and long-distance relationships, and this is most likely to continue in 2021 as some restrictions and social distancing might be in place. Also, the wearing of masks will be mandatory into the new year, so expect don’t to see beautiful smiles and handsome looking chaps in the shops. Since the first lockdown, it has been reported 50% of singles on dating sites such as Lincolnshire Dating are now setting their location preferences as ‘anywhere’ more than ever before.


Most people are likely to be maskerading in 2021, which means pretending as if they are concerned about coronavirus precautions. This is often for optics to impress a potential partner. On the flip side, some people are more likely to reject a potential date in 2021 if they feel the other party isn’t taking the pandemic seriously.

Inner-Party Dating

Experts have found that political leanings and views could be a deal-breaker for many singles in 2021. According to a recent survey, 63% of singles of dating sites claim that cross-party dating is likely to have lesser chances of success. When the same study was conducted in 2019, only 53% said that they would not date outside their political party. Oh well! It seems like dating within your political party is the new norm in modern relationships.


Advocating describes the act of publicly supporting an idea or moral cause such as ‘Black Lives Matter’. Experts predict that in 2021, bonding with a potential partner over a shared cause, like going to protests together or sharing the same passion for bringing about change to the world will be a big trend. Although this trend has been building in recent times, more and more people, especially young women are now considering themselves as activists because not fighting for a personal cause is now being considered a shortcoming.


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