6 Budgeted Tips To Make Your Small House Look Bigger

Living in a comfortable home is a dream we all have. Your house is so much more than just a bunch of walls and a place to take shelter. It’s a place of refuge, comfort, and growth. Some houses have generational history to them; they have been in the same family for centuries. You are the one that makes the house into a home. What you do with it, how you decorate it, and the memories that you make in it all count towards creating a homely environment. 

However, it’s hard to love a small house that doesn’t meet your needs. There isn’t much you can do about square footage, but you certainly can change the floor plan and the layout of the house to get more space out of it. This article will talk about 6 ways to make your small house look bigger so that you feel more comfortable in it. Let’s get to it!


1.  Take Down A Wall (Or Two)

One of the best things about American construction is that they use drywall in the construction process. Drywall is easier to put up and take down as compared to regular concrete. This means that it’s fairly easy to take down a wall that isn’t serving any purpose.

If you feel that the house is too boxy, you can work towards an open concept floor plan by strategically removing walls. Once you get the wall down, clear the debris, and call junk removal specialists to clear the area. 

If you are working alongside the renovation team, make sure you wear protective gear and get a team to remove the debris rather than tending to it yourself. The debris can contain potentially harmful chemicals, so leave the junk to the pros. 


Small House Look Bigger


2.  Add Mirrors 

Mirrors create the illusion that there is more space than there is in your house. Seeing other parts of your house through the mirror makes the place look wider and generally bigger than it is. Using strategically placed mirrors is an age-old design trick that designers use to give the illusion of space.

Just make sure you place the mirror in such a location where it provides you the desired effect. Placement is a complicated process in itself, and if you can’t figure things out, you may want to call in a designer to help you. 

The Feng Shui benefits of mirrors should also be looked into. Some people believe that mirrors hold an immense amount of energy and, when used correctly, could completely change your house. 

3.   Minimalism Is In

The time for densely decorated houses with diverse colors and various ornaments is now over. Modern interior design practices look at minimalist styles to create the best aesthetic for your house. Most people prefer less than more when it comes to designing and decorating the house.

Not only is it a great way to add a stylish design to your house with contemporary practices, but it also gives you more space in a little house. It should be a general rule of thumb that smaller houses require minimalistic designs to maintain space. 

4.  Windows Make A World Of Difference 

If you are looking to renovate the house completely, make sure you add a fair number of windows to the layout. They give you extended views of the outside, along with the feeling that the place is bigger than it actually is. 

Moreover, it’s always a great idea to have some fresh air and natural light in the house. A small, dark house that lacks airflow feels claustrophobic and uncomfortable. It’s as important for the house to breathe as it is for the people in it. Stale, recycled air can make you feel sick, and the lack of natural light can affect the general mood in the house. 


Small House Look Bigger


5.  Sliding Doors Are A Game-Changer

Traditional doors which open forwards or backward take up a lot of space. The radius of opening and closing is sometimes as much as three feet for some doors. You are losing a whole three square feet with a swinging door. That is a lot of space if you think about it, especially when you have a relatively small house.

A great feature in some modern houses are doors that slide rather than open on a radius. This saves a ton of space, is pretty stylish, and can cost as much as installing a regular door. So, you don’t particularly have much to lose, but you stand a chance to gain a whole lot of space if you consider sliding doors instead. 

6.   Blinds > Curtains

As charming as curtains can be, they can take up quite a bit of space in front of the windows. Depending on how thick your curtains are, they can fall forward as much as six to ten inches. This impedes you from adding anything in front of them, such as tables, etc.

Blinds have a certain industrial charm to them as well. They may not be as tastefully and tactfully designed as curtains, but they certainly have an appeal to them. Not to mention how much space they save! The entire idea of blinds is that they don’t get in your way and take up the much-needed space in an already undersized room. 

Moreover, the good thing about blinds and shutters is that you can put whatever you want in front of them, and they won’t get in the way. You need a margin of two inches maximum, compared to the ten inches you needed for curtains. 

There we have some of the best ways to make a small house appear bigger. One thing you need to realize is that a traditional theme may not suit a smaller house. Modern designs are the way to go if you want to open the place up and create some room to breathe. Call in a designer, get the construction team in, and get down to turning your house into a home. You can incorporate some of the space-saving tips that we talked about earlier to open your house up and make it look spacious. 

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