6 Common AC Issues to Know About for Homeowners

Although the first air conditioner was not invented for comfort, now, it is why so many people own them. That is why there is nothing worse than having an issue with your AC unit, especially when you need it most.

You do not need to panic just yet. If you are aware of the AC problem, you can take action fast. Sometimes an AC repair service may need to do a significant repair, whereas other times, it could be as simple as cleaning the AC filters.

Read on to learn six common AC issues homeowners should know.


1. Blowing Warm and Cold Air

Is your AC unit blowing out intermittent warm and cold air, or just warm air?

Dirty air filters reduce your AC’s cooling power. Or it could be another issue, such as with the valves, refrigerant levels, or debris overheating the compressor.

Before you start cleaning AC filters, consider calling an AC repair service. They can diagnose what the problem is and have the expertise to fix it.

2. Freezing Issues

Have you noticed ice around the AC coil? Or are you noticing ice around the unit?

Freezing issues suggest your AC unit is overworking. There are several causes, such as low coolant levels, motor problems, or filter issues. Get an air conditioning repair company to check your unit.

3. Leaks from Air Conditioners 

You may not notice leaks from air conditioners, but telltale signs include stains around units. The outside of a unit may experience some condensation, but any more moisture suggests a leak.

One of the most common AC issues is refrigerant leaks. Refrigerant is a health hazard that can lead to asphyxiation and other health risks. So, an AC repair service should inspect the leak.


6 Common AC Issues to Know About for Homeowners


4. Strange Noises

Strange noises such as grinding, banging, or squealing suggest an issue. Common causes include worn belts or motor issues. Bubbling can also indicate leaks from air conditioners.

If the noises persist, turn the music down and call an AC repair service.

5. Unpleasant Odors 

Do not dismiss any unusual smells coming from your AC unit as they could lead to serious health and safety risks. Electrical odors, such as burning smells, suggest the system is overheating. Musty smells suggest there is a drainage issue.

6. Sensor Issues

Other common AC issues often relate to the AC sensor. For example, you might find your AC unit does not turn on one morning. Or, the unit may turn on and off constantly.

There can be simple solutions, such as cleaning AC filters. However, you might need to replace your unit with one more suitable for your home.


Know the Common AC Issues 

It can be easy to dismiss signs of common AC issues initially, but issues will just get worse over time.

Unless you have the skills to handle an AC unit, it is best to call a reputable AC repair service. It keeps you safe and prevents further damage to the AC unit. Schedule regular maintenance checks to prevent common AC issues.

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