6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying and Installing a New Frameless Shower Door

While the frameless shower door will improve your home and give your home bathroom the elegance it deserves, many things can make the project fail. You want to install a frameless shower door that will serve your home for a longer time than regular doors. For this reason, learn the mistakes to avoid when buying and installing the door. This guide explains more.


Shopping Without Knowing Your Options

While you can get any frameless shower door on the market, note that they come in different shapes, styles, and sizes. Shopping without knowing your options is a mistake that can prove costly in the long run. Knowing the kind of frameless shower door that suits your home is important before deciding.

This is possible through research or talking to a reputable bathroom remodeling expert. You need to know your options to create an effective budget, hire the right installer and meet your expectations fast.

Choosing a High-Maintenance Shower Door

While customizing your bathroom improves elegance, maintaining the frameless shower door can be hard. It serves your interest to learn the options in the market and settle for a door you can clean, repair, and maintain effortlessly.

While customized glass shower doors will make your home attractive, maintenance costs can get higher as time goes by. Seek expert guidance to learn the different types of frameless shower doors and their maintenance needs before deciding.

Not Protecting the Shower Glass

While you will save a lot on upfront costs when installing an unprotected glass shower door, it will be costly in the long term due to repair and maintenance needs. Soap and scum, staining, and corrosion are the effects of installing an unprotected glass door.

Finding ways to protect your shower glass for these reasons is important. As you invest in the glass door, learn ways to protect it. Research practical tips, including buying effective glass door protection materials, or seek expert help to achieve your objectives.

Taking Incorrect Measurements

The frameless shower door installation process calls for expertise. Without knowledge and proper guidance, making costly mistakes is easier. Taking incorrect measurements is one of the costly mistakes to avoid. To a larger extent, the success of the installation process depends on the measurements you give to the dealer.

Understand that it all comes down to measurement techniques while in the market, which is why you need expert help. Note that a mistake in measurement by a few millimeters can cause the project to fail.

Not Working With the Right Contractor

Understand that choosing a frameless shower door is the start of a bathroom remodeling project. You need to work on different aspects of the glass door installation process to achieve your objectives. While researching the installation process and handling the work yourself can work, making costly mistakes is easy.

Looking for professional services to install and get the best from the frameless shower door is important. Explore your options to decide on a contractor with the skills and expertise to get the best results. Not working with the right contractor is a mistake that can have long-term negative impacts.

Not Understanding the Cleaning Needs

After installing the frameless shower door, you want it to remain functional for as long as possible. However, soap, scum, and stains can make the door dirty and the bathroom non-functional. As you weigh your options, learn the glass door cleaning needs. This also means learning more about the type of glass or material used to make the door. The cleaning supplies you will buy and use depend on the material used to build the door. Ensure you understand the cleaning needs by seeking expert guidance.

By learning about the common mistakes to avoid when buying and installing a frameless shower door, you can easily transform your bathroom and home. Understand that these mistakes can make it hard for you to use the right door and lower your home’s functionality. Following this guide is beneficial to any homeowner.


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