6 Common Workplace Injuries And How To Deal With Them

Unfortunately, workplace injuries are surprisingly common. It is estimated that there are over 7 million workplace injuries every year in the US alone. Sadly, some of these are fatal.

Some injury types are more common than others when it comes to workplace injuries. These are the accidents and incidents that happen more often than any others – across all workplaces. Below, you will find six of the most common workplace injuries, why they happen, and how to deal with them. 


Seek Legal Help

The first thing to note about workplace injuries is that it’s always best to seek legal advice after they happen. Speaking to the injury compensation lawyers will help you figure out what steps to take post-injury, how much compensation you could be eligible for, and whether you can get a payout through workers’ compensation

. Most injury lawyers will meet you for free to discuss your case, so there is no fear of wasting money seeking a lawyer. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the most common workplace injuries…


Common Workplace Injuries


  1. Motor Vehicle Accidents

Believe it or not, motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause of workplace injuries. The roads are one of the most dangerous places in the country. So many people have to drive for work, placing them on the open roads with millions of other drivers.

Sadly, you are then immediately more at risk as you mix with all the other road users. Treat a road accident just like you would regardless of whether you are working or not – call the police, seek medical attention, and stay on the scene.

  2. Slips, Trips & Falls

It sounds so simple, but slips and trips are some of the leading causes of workplace injuries. If your boss has ever got angry about boxes on the floor, this is why! It’s so easy to lose concentration or trip over something that wasn’t on the floor before that it’s now one of the top ways people get hurt at work.

Keep those walkways clear! And, if you do have an accident, make sure you report it through the proper channels at work before seeking legal help.

  3. Incidents Involving Machinery

Depending on the industry, there is various machinery used in workplaces. Construction industries use some of the most dangerous machinery in the world. Unfortunately, sometimes this leads to dangerous accidents.

You must ensure that any safety clothing, protective equipment, or machine safety parts are used. If you’re using a sandblasting machine, equipping yourself with a sandblast helmet is a must. This will prevent you from inhaling abrasive chemicals and also avoid them getting in your eyes. 

If an accident does occur, follow the same procedures as with any other industry. Report it and make sure the victim receives adequate medical attention right away.

  4. Being Struck By Moving Objects

Much like machinery, there are plenty of moving parts in and around workplaces. This doesn’t need to be heavy equipment, but can be a variety of moving objects found in a variety of workplaces from film sets to stock rooms.

All moving equipment should be covered in warning tape or signs and people should wear hard hats wherever possible. After an accident, take the moving item out of service, report the incident, and make sure everyone is treated as soon as possible.

   5. Falls From Height

Sadly, falls from height can be quite disastrous or even fatal. In the construction, entertainment, film, and other industries, there are various workers that spend their days at great heights. Though every precaution is always taken to protect these workers, sometimes mistakes happen.

With a fall from height, immediate and swift action is required in case of serious injury. Make sure the emergency services are called – even if the person appears to be in an OK condition. Then, follow the normal reporting channels.

   6. Overexertion 

Overexertion is caused by working too hard, whether that’s one part of the body or the whole thing. You may have a specific injury or just be completely run down and ill. In these cases, it may not be immediately obvious that the injury has been caused by work.

However, if you seek the right medical attention and then speak to some experienced lawyers, you will quickly be able to build a case that proves your injury was caused by the strains of your work. 

The most important things to do after any of these sorts of incidents are to seek medical attention and make sure you have accurately recorded the incident through the proper channels at work.

Then, based on these two pieces of evidence, you can work with lawyers to build a case and seek compensation. Most of all, look after yourself and your recovery – the lawyers will do the rest of the hard work.

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