6 Easy Ways To Completely Soundproof A Room

Everyone needs a quiet, peaceful room to sleep in and rest at the end of a tiring day. However, if you live across a busy street or a developing neighborhood, the odds of resting in a quiet room are highly unlikely. Your room is your haven where you unwind and release yourself from the outer hustle and bustle, which is why it should be completely soundproof.

If your baby wakes up quite often or you are unable to concentrate due to the infiltrating noise from outside, you should consider soundproofing your room. Here are 6 easy and effective ways to muffle noises and keep blaring sounds away from your room.


 Ways To Completely Soundproof A Room


1. Add an Acoustic Panel

The most straightforward way to soundproof your room is by adding an acoustic panel to the walls. Even though you need to invest a lot of money during the initial installation stages, the phenomenal results make it worthwhile. Acoustic panels are made of layers with sound-absorbing materials that soak the noise vibrations and keep the sound from entering.

You can buy acoustic panels with prints or fabrics to match the interior color scheme and retain the aesthetic appeal of your walls. You can also opt for drywall or a thick layer of wallpaper to muffle sounds and keep the noise low.

2. Cover Openings with Weather Stripping

Since most of the noise enters the room through the cracks and crevices of your openings, sealing them with weather stripping can block unwanted commotion. Weatherstrips are available in various types of materials, with felt and rubber being the most common ones.

You can simply peel the strips and stick them to your openings. The strong adhesive makes them durable and enhances their performance for years. While sealing your windows with weather stripping can block more than 50% of outdoor noise, you can also consider getting a draft stopper or a door sweep to seal the gap between the floor and doors.

3. Change Your Room’s Layout

Not many know this but moving the furniture around and changing the interior layout can also muffle outdoor noises. If done correctly, you can completely block noise from outside just by rearranging the space and fixing furniture at the right spots without paying a single penny.

Analyze the internal spaces and note the direction of the sound. Examine the spots from where the sound enters and block the surface with furniture. Typically, sound waves get the freedom to bounce around in a space without hard surfaces. If possible, move your closet or shoe rack to a spot that can cover the gaps below doors.

4. Hang Blankets on Windows

The simplest and most cost-effective way to instantly block noise from outside is to hand a thick or soundproof blanket on your windows. While any thick blanket with multiple layers of fabric can do the job, investing in a soundproof blanket will provide optimum results.

Some of the methods mentioned here also show the use of blankets in other parts of your house to completely block noise in your room. From covering noisy appliances to covering ceilings, blankets can be used in multiple ways to reduce sound. When buying a soundproof blanket, look for a piece that complements your interior scheme and is large enough to cover a wide surface.

5. Place a Thick Rug and Curtains

Like blankets, thick rugs and curtains can also keep noise low. Rugs are specifically useful for homeowners with wooden floors or floorboards that have large gaps. Thick curtains and rugs can dampen sound vibrations and eliminate noise infiltrating from your neighbor’s loud stereo or the traffic noise on the street.

While this strategy is not quite effective to completely block noise, it can undeniably muffle sounds to a great extent and help you sleep peacefully. With a heavy rug in place, you can also reduce the sound of your loud footsteps.

6. Get a Bookcase

If your room has enough space to accommodate another piece of furniture, consider building or buying a heavy bookcase that can keep sounds from entering your room. Basically, the bookcase’s heavy mass along with the weight of the books can effectively absorb sound and keep the room silent. If possible, build a bookcase that touches your ceiling to completely seal one side of your room.


km 4 Ways To Completely Soundproof A Room


With these tips, you can finally study or work in peace or have a good night’s sleep without getting disturbed by blaring noises.

Since most of these elements and tricks help dissipate sound waves and turn noises into mellow modulations, implementing all of them can completely soundproof your house. If you have a tight budget, consider rearranging your furniture or investing in layers like rugs and curtains to keep the noises as low as possible.


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