6 Exterior Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

The outside of your home is said to be the main deal breaker for most potential American buyers in a real estate transaction.  Also, your house’s exterior is the first thing you see whenever you look out of the window when you wake up in the morning. So, you must keep your outdoors in top condition at all times. 

However, there are obstacles when it comes to maintaining the exterior of your residential property. For instance, you may not have enough time due to other work and home responsibilities. Aside from that, you may not know how properly take care of your outdoors. 

Fortunately, this post provides you with six practical tips for cleaning the exterior of your home, which include:


Gutters are vital in maintenance because they prevent water from damaging your house’s exterior walls and windows. They might get clogged with debris and leaves over time, leading to water damage inside your home. Make sure you clean your gutters regularly, so rainwater flows freely and doesn’t cause any problems.

The best way to clean gutters is by using a high-pressure water hose with the help of companies like 15cent Pressure Washing. You can conduct this activity whenever it rains or after every two weeks. Yet ensure there’s no debris in them before doing this cleaning method because it might clog up the gutters and cause problems later on down the line.

  • Repairing Walkway

If cracks or potholes have damaged your walkway, then chances are good that water has seeped into your basement or crawl space through those cracks and caused damage to your foundation or interior walls.

You may contact pressure washing services in Spring Hill TN or where you’re living that can help clean up your walkway to make it appear better. The high-pressure water cleans off any dirt or debris that may be present on the walkway. Instead of causing damage, this cleaning method prevents dirt from forming cracks in cement surfaces.

6 Exterior Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For Homeowners


  • Keeping Your Roof In Good Condition

Roofs are another vital part of any home’s exterior because they protect everything inside your house from rainwater damage from hail or snowfall. Thus, you must keep this covering in good condition to avoid water leakage all over your indoors.

With that, get up to your roof once a year to inspect for leaks and cracks. Once you find any issues, contact a professional roofer immediately so they can fix them before it causes more damage than necessary.

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  • Performing Regular Inspections

Inspections are essential for your home’s exterior that you must prioritize. Regular inspections allow you to identify and fix problems before they become more significant problems. If you’re not doing thorough checks on your exterior, you could leave yourself vulnerable to damage like pests and leaks.

Before regular inspections, look for signs of damage like cracks in shingles, broken windows, or flashing around chimneys and vents. Any of these issues may indicate a more significant problem that you must address immediately. If you do so, contact a reputable contractor to help you fix the issue before it worsens.

  • Trimming Back Vegetation

Another thing you can do is ensure that your landscaping is well-maintained. This process includes trimming back vegetation so that it doesn’t overgrow or obscure windows and doors.

If you have trees, make sure they’re healthy and properly trimmed. And remove dead branches on trees, so they don’t pose a safety hazard. If you have hedges, make sure they’re well-trimmed and maintained.

Safety should be your first consideration when trimming back vegetation. You want to protect yourself from falling branches or any other hazards that may be present on your property. Besides that, you must protect others from falling limbs or branches, especially if they’re under a tree that needs trimming.

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  • Cleansing Light Fixtures And Lamp Posts

As a homeowner, you must regularly clean light fixtures in your home’s exterior to keep them functioning correctly. And you want to clean lamp posts if any are part of your landscape. Even if they don’t appear dirty or damaged, these items should be cleaned annually with a mild soap solution and rinsed off thoroughly with a hose.

Use a soft cloth dipped in a mild detergent solution like dish soap or Murphy Oil Soap and water for both light fixtures and lamp posts. Be careful when cleaning glass surfaces because some dirt or grime has built up over time and may scratch the glass if rubbed too vigorously with a cloth.

Key Takeaway

As you live in your residential property, your responsibility is to maintain the appearance of your outdoors. With these six tips, you’ll be able to ensure the cleanliness of your home’s exterior. In turn, you’ll be able to sell your space faster or live comfortably with your family in the long run.


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