6 Garage Design Ideas to Consider in Your Remodel

Did you know that 65 percent of homes that were built in the United States of America in 2019 have a two-car garage? If you have ample space for your vehicles and you find that you’re not getting much value from your garage then it’s time to start exploring the different garage design ideas that work well with the life that you want to live.

Garages offer a great platform to build anything ranging from a game room to a guest house for friends, family, and more. Little changes to your garage design go a long way to creating a cozy and relaxed environment filled with usable space.

The good news is that you’ve found the right place to learn all about optimizing garage organization while getting the most out of your space. Keep reading to learn more today!


1. Man Cave

One of the first options that pop into the minds of many homeowners is to turn the garage into the man cave of your home. It’s a nice feeling knowing that you have a sanctuary at your home where you can go when you need some time to yourself. Start your garage remodel by finishing your garage and make sure that you add in a nice garage floor.

Once the garage is finished you should be good to start adding the personal touches that make this space our man cave. You can’t go wrong with a large HD TV on the wall of your garage for all of the big games, and you’ll definitely want to add some comfortable chairs and couches.

A minibar is also great if you and your friends enjoy alcoholic beverages from time to time. You’ll have everything that you could ever dream of in your man cave, and that wasted space in your garage will now have a great purpose. Take time to find out more about how to make this dream come true.

2. Game Room

If you have kids and you’re short on space for a game room then it’s a wise move to consider converting your garage into one for your kids to enjoy. Putting the game room in the garage is one of the best garage design ideas because it gives your kids a place to call their own without disturbing the general peace in the main part of your home.

There’s enough space in the average garage to fit a TV, a couch, a video game system, and even a ping pong table! Your kids and their friends will enjoy hours of fun in the game room all while you relax in silence inside of your home. It’s also a fun idea to let our kids have a hand in picking out the decor for their gaming space.

3. Billiards Room

A billiards room is a great garage design to go with if you find that you’re not using your garage and you have a big-time billiards player in your household. Why leave all of the fun to your kids when you can create a game room of your own? Your garage should have plenty of room for you to fit a billiards table in it along with some other nice touches that make it more comfortable and luxurious.

Depending on the budget that you’re working with, you can also add a foosball table, a dart board, as well as a basketball shooting arcade game. Your billiards room will be the talk of all of your neighbors and friends after they see your finished garage remodel.

4. Recording Studio

You can also turn the space in your garage into a recording studio if you’re trying to start a music career. You’ll need to finish your garage in a way that the acoustics are great, and you’ll definitely want to invest in a garage door that has sound-dampening capabilities. Still, there’s no reason why you can’t fit all of the instruments that your band needs in your home’s garage.

You’ll save yourself a ton of time and money by using your garage rather than paying a studio to record there. It also gives you and your friends a fun place to hang out and play your favorite music together in your spare time.

5. Arts and Crafts Studio

Your garage will also make a perfect arts and crafts studio if you have someone in your household that has the creativity and a need to make beautiful things. Having an arts and crafts studio in your garage means that you have more room in your home, while also creating an area that is designated for things like painting, pottery, quilting, and more.

Take the time to come up with creative ways to make this studio a peaceful and relaxing environment. You should look into adding more windows to your garage to allow natural light in. If you can fit it into your budget, a skylight is another great option.

6. Guesthouse

One of the more common garage design ideas in the United States is the guesthouse. Your guesthouse makes your home a great place to stay for friends and relatives that are coming to visit. Turning your home’s garage into a top-notch guesthouse with a wooden or carpeted garage floor will make for a fun experience for everyone involved.

You can also save space in your guesthouse by going with a Murphy Bed. These beds are a great option if you’re in need of extra space when the bed isn’t in use. You can use the garage for whatever you want when you don’t have guests staying and then convert it back into the guesthouse when needed.

Try Out These Amazing Garage Design Ideas Today

If you’re tired of wasting space in your garage then it’s a great idea to look at different garage design ideas that make it easy for you to make the most of your space. A game room or a man cave is a great option if you’re looking to create a space for you or your kids at your home. Your garage remodel could also turn your garage into an art studio, a billiards room, or even a luxurious guesthouse.

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