6 Home Repairs That You Can Do By Yourself

Being a homeowner has its responsibilities and it appears that every day there is one new reparation that pops up. This can be a daunting job to fix all of the small flaws of your home but knowing a couple of basic home repairing tips will make your life easier. So, here are 6 suggestions of home repairs you can do all on your own. 


Leaky Faucet 

Drop-drop-drop… endlessly nerve wreck just because of the leaky faucet that has been putting your nerves on the edge for weeks, and it takes so little for it to be forever shut. This is not only something that will test your patience but waste a huge amount of water resulting in higher bills.

Leaky faucets are usually caused by worn-out washers which are aimed to make a seal once the tap is turned off. However, this will not happen if the washer is cracked or too worn out. But we got you. Start with loosening faucet mounting nuts, which sometimes can be a nightmare to be removed but there are some amazing pieces of advice about loosening faucet mounting nuts on the net.

This will give you insight if there are some other leaks besides nerve-wracking dripping. But before that, pro tip, turn off all sources of water if you do not want a flood in your house. Then, you should go for the washers and inspect their state, if they are cracked or worn out then you have found what has been testing your patience for days. However, if you are suspecting some bigger problems, then you should probably consult a plumber. 


6 Home Repairs That You Can Do By Yourself


Clean Your Washing Machine 

If you have noticed that your clothes and home have nasty smells, then you should probably see if the problem is your washing machine. This happens most probably because of the mildew collected in the insides. To get rid of this funky smell, the first thing to do is to read about your washer’s particular type and see what the cleaning and draining procedures are.

After you are done with it, it is high time to clean the mess up. Firstly, you need to scrub the door and drum. You can complete this with a toothbrush or cotton swabs to reach every hidden crack and crevice of your device. Secondly, you should sanitize.

The sanitizers that are commonly used are bleach and hydrogen peroxide. You should fill the drum with the hottest water possible, add a half cup of bleach and run the cycle. Once the cycle is done, and if you can still smell bleach, you should run another cycle. 


6 Home Repairs That You Can Do By Yourself


Paint Your Windows 

If you are the lucky one to have wooden windows, then you need to take good care of them otherwise they will be exposed to harsh weather conditions and some other factors. If there are cracks in the paint or it started to peel off, then you should paint them with protective wood paint.

Start with removing the old one; you can use sandpaper for this process. After this, use a soft brush to get rid of the paint and wood remains before you start putting a new coat of paint. On the other hand, if the paint on your windows holds well, then you can top it with a coat of transparent, protective wood paint that will exceed the period of your paint considerably. 


6 Home Repairs That You Can Do By Yourself


Patch a Hole in the Wall 

There is no home without small patches in the walls that remained after the pictures, shelves, or TV was removed. These are no trouble to be repaired and everything that you will need for this is some spackle, a putty knife, fine sandpaper, and some matching color paint.

Firstly, you should put in some spackle (pro tip: use the one in a tube for more precision). Then remove the excess material with a putty knife and let it dry for a couple of hours. Once it is dried, use fine sandpaper to smooth it out and paint the patch in a matching color. And, voila!


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Running Toilet 

Just like a running faucet, a running toilet can be a water waster that will have your water bills rocketing. Instead of hiring a plumber, you can handle this on your own on a budget. All you will need is a toilet repair kit that is universal for all toilets so that you do not need to worry if the hardware will match your toilet. The best part is that these kits have step-by-step instructions so that you can’t go wrong. 


6 Home Repairs That You Can Do By Yourself


Cracks in Driveway 

If there are some cracks in your driveway, then you should know that these are not covered by insurance and that they can only get worse because of water damage or exposure to extreme weather conditions, so get down to work. You can use asphalt filler to fill the cracks. But before that, just make sure that your driveway is clean and cracks free of debris. 

You do not have to be a brainer for making some things function better in your home. There are a number of things you can do to make it look and feel better without having to pay a handyman a large lot of money. Do not be ashamed to look up the Internet and see how other people handle small home repairs. 

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