6 Important Things You Need To Know If In Between Houses

Many situations arise that prompt the need for moving. You may have gotten married and are leaving your single home to move to a family home, divorced and wanting to get rid of the house that holds so many memories, you may be welcoming a baby, or moving in with your aged parents and require more space.  Alternatively, you could have just lost your job and are unable to meet the monthly mortgage payments. Many families are downsizing also, another very good reason you could find yourself in between houses. If any of these situations are true for you, or some novel situation has caused to you be in this tight spot, keep reading to learn things that apply to your position. 


Visit Your Financial Institution

You should have an explicitly clear knowledge of where you stand financially. Before you make any moves to rent or buy another home, you need to budget. How much can you spend with no harsh consequence, and do you need a loan to help bolster yourself financially to get through this in-between period? Have a task with a representative at your bank or credit union. Find out if you are available for loans and if yes, what type of loans those are. Don’t go in blind and end up getting yourself stuck in some disastrous mess.

It’s Possible To Sell Your House Quickly

If you live in Dallas, Texas, or surrounding areas, you have the amazing opportunity to sell your home within a fourteen-day period for cold hard cash. Don’t worry about getting underpaid, Stewardship Properties pay the equivalent of the market price.

Simply make contact to receive your free cash offer, leaving no doubt in your mind exactly how much money you will be awarded. Are the stairs creaking, faucets leaking, paint peeling off the walls? No problem. The house will be bought exactly as is. If the Better Bureau gives this company an A+ rating, you can be sure you will be treated fairly.


6 Important Things You Need To Know If In Between Houses


Short Term Rentals Are Available

A temporary living situation may be just what you’re looking for. Entering a short-term lease could be the right move for you. Keep in mind, however, that leasing for a month will cost more than leasing property for three months. Should this not fit your needs, consider a vacation home or an Airbnb-type accommodation where you rent a room in someone’s home. Depending on how long you plan to stay, give these options greater thought. 

Take Your Time When Deciding To Buy A New Home 

You may be in a pinch and need to purchase a new home in a snap. Moving quickly can lead to overlooking some key points. First, check out the surroundings. Do you like the environment, does it feel safe? Key structures like grocery stores, police stations, hospitals, and parks should be in relatively close proximity. Make sure the property is spacious enough for your needs, structurally sound, with central air. Have a home inspection completed before you close on the deal.

Properly Securing Your Belongings Is Important

Even though a family member might be fine with you crashing on their couch or occupying their spare room, that does not translate to them being automatically okay with you lugging your stuff to their home. Not only would you be acting out of consideration if you refrain from doing this, but you also assure more security for your possessions if you store them properly. Rent out a storage unit until you can sort things out. 

Your Pets Still Matter

Moving from a house with a sprawling backyard, perfect for two golden retrievers into an apartment complex that does not allow pets is a tricky situation. Most people love their fur babies like children. But if your new living arrangement just does not accommodate any four-legged friends, make the best decision for them. 

It is inhumane to drop them off along the highway or leave them wandering around the neighborhood in hopes someone takes them in. Contact your animal shelter and ensure they’re set up before you move away. If you intend to retrieve them once settled in to somewhere new and accepting, then ask a family member to take care of them temporarily. 

You might think being out of one house and not yet in another is a hard spot to be in, and you may be right. But it isn’t an impossible circumstance. You can sell, you can rent, you can purchase something new. While you’re looking after yourself, pay some mind to your pets too. 

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